Shanghai Media: Football Association indulges national security, criticizes hidden dangers?

 Shanghai Media: Football Association indulges national security, criticizes hidden dangers?

After the official account of the official WeChat public competition in Liverpool, Lebron James, the clubs small boss, remarked, the darkness is hanging over the earth.

In an interview with China Sports Weekly the next day, Dutch midfield Henderson said: the English referees are the worst referees I have ever seen in the world. Manchester City has been taken care of, but they have been complaining

Beijing Guoans official social media account and the comments made by its chairman have not been punished by the Chinese Football Association.

All of the above scenes are imitations. If it happens, its just a coincidence - of course, Liverpool dont have the guts to say that unless they dont mind heavy penalties from the Premier League.

As a result, the NBA immediately issued a fine of $500000 to Cuban. According to the US media statistics, including the $500000 fine, Kuban has been fined more than $3 million in the past 20 years, reaching $3.115 million.

No rules, no rules. In the Premier League and NBA, there is no way to prohibit what Jose or Cuban said, but as long as there are violations, the power of punishment is always in the hands of the disciplinary committee. If you want to be addicted, you have to pay a price. If you dont care about the fine and the ban, please continue to perform!

The scene simulated in the Merseyside derby above is not made up in a blind way. Fans who are familiar with CSL will not be unfamiliar. During this period, from Guoan club to investors to players, they have repeatedly issued extremely irresponsible remarks about Chinese football.

In the confrontation between Guoan and Luneng, Luneng was also awarded a controversial penalty.

However, under such circumstances, Comrade Wang Xiaoping, director of the Discipline Committee of the Chinese Football Association, who has always been steadfast and ruthless in the past, seems to be like an invisible person who has done nothing and can not even issue a ticket.

Objectively speaking, in the first stage of the league, Guoan took advantage of some referees and also suffered losses in some matches. In terms of the number of misjudgments and the impact on the results, Shanghai Shenhua suffered the most losses in the first stage of the league. The situation Guoan encountered was the most common in any league.

Under such circumstances, Guoan club has a tough attitude towards referees from top to bottom. The debate on referees, which should have ended long ago, continued to the summary meeting after the first stage of the club. Whats more, even biera dared to make a lot of remarks in an interview with the domestic media, claiming that Chinese referees are the worst in the world and criticize them by name Hong Kong is the most cared for.

Its no wonder that the Chinese Football Association has not adopted the tough attitude it should have, but has made concessions again and again, which is not the level of League organizers and managers.

Luneng players also began to question the controversial decision.

Its funny that this years Chinese Super League media have to sign a letter of commitment before they sign up for an interview: they are not allowed to comment on the epidemic prevention policy on social media. But why does Fulis foreign aid Saba make such irresponsible remarks in an interview with foreign media, but the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association has no opinion?

Guoan is like Li Yunlong, Ding Wei and Kong Jie in the TV series. During their study in the military academy, they were dissatisfied with the conferment of titles and openly disrupted the normal teaching order. At that time, the administrators of the military school immediately gave the three men a big stick, and the results were directly failed, which made them recover their due attitude.

After the match between Guoan and Luneng on the afternoon of 17th due to the inaction of the Chinese Football Association, Luneng players who suffered from obviously controversial punishment felt aggrieved and collectively chose to Curse on social mediau2014u2014

National player Hao Junmin took the lead in writing, if you want to play like this, its not fun. After that, Wang Dalei, Jin Jingdao, Wang Tong, song long and Liu junshuai all helped. If Hao Junmins words were more obscure, the other players obviously didnt care so much and said some very dazzling words.

Luneng several players questioned the decision.

Are Luneng players wrong? Obviously, they should not have made such a hasty statement. However, compared with the previous comments of Guoan club from top to bottom, this is really a small thing. Seeing that the Chinese Football Association pretends to be deaf and dumb to Guoans wanton remarks, cant Luneng players follow suit?

If it goes on like this, the Chinese Super League will become a rubbish talk stage!

Whose fault?