He wept at the mention of the horse he had sent to the battlefield

 He wept at the mention of the horse he had sent to the battlefield

I am the first to donate horses to resist US aggression and aid Korea!

October 1, 1954, the fifth anniversary of the founding of new China. The 27 year old Greg was one of the cavalry parades that passed through Tiananmen Square to be inspected by Party and state leaders. Grieg has been holding the reins tightly on the army horse for 66 years with sweat on his hands.

Greg: what else? Excited hands are shivering, this life also did not think of ah.

On a green military uniform that 93 year old Greg has kept for many years, there are more than a dozen medals of different shapes and colors. From the Pingjin campaign to the Suibei campaign, from the liberation of Northeast China to the liberation of North China, every medal recorded the half life of his army. In his old age, the most unforgettable thing is the horses galloping in the battlefield with him.

Greg: Mongolian children love horses best. Mongolian children love to play with horses.

Reporter: you feed good fodder to the horse, so the horse knows that you are very good to it.

Greg: Yes. What do you eat here, it will come here, hum, give it a, it will lick and go.

Daughter: sometimes you eat for the horse, dont you?

Greg: eat! As soon as I see you, I scream and roar. The horse doesnt talk

Reporter: it can understand what you mean.

At the beginning of the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, the equipment of the volunteer army was still millet plus rifles, and heavy guns and logistics materials needed to be carried by military horses.

In 1951, Premier Zhou Enlai asked Ulan Fu, commander and political commissar of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, whether we could buy a batch of military horses from Inner Mongolia for the volunteers in the Korean battlefield? Ulan Fu replied: we must support and send a batch of experienced horses from Inner Mongolia cavalry troops. Gregs horses were the first.

Greg: I was the first to support and donate horses to resist US aggression and aid Korea. Dont mention donating horses. If you need me, Ill go too!

Reporter: lets donate horses, lets go, well go, too?

Greg: Yes! Im the 15th regiment of the 5th division of Inner Mongolia cavalry. Im the commander of a white horse company. After the discussion of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, the white horse company of the three detachment first resisted U.S. aggression and aid Korea. This horse is white or green. It has been riding for several years.

Send the white horse to the battlefield in person

Greg: the whole regiment did a training. The commander of the regiment commanded the red flag and the white flag. When the red flag and white flag were pulled, seven or eight hundred horses fell down and got up as soon as they were told to get up. Its been a week since Hohhot went out to Dandong. Ive been there for more than a week. Its been a month since we sent them to the Korean army and the volunteers.

Reporter: does it take a month to deliver it?

Greg: Yes, its not that simple.

Greg gently put the reins in the volunteers hand, touched the horses head, patted the horses back, held the horse and said goodbye softly: old man, youre going to the battlefield again, Im going back to the grassland, so well say goodbye. As soon as he turned around, two lines of tears rolled down on his chest. Behind him came the sound of the white horse, which had never been heard before. Greg did not look back.

Greg: comrades in arms! Although it is an animal, it does not speak, but it understands. Think of it, I cry

In 1955, in order to commemorate the first set of military ranks officially implemented by the peoples Republic of China, Greg wore military uniform and took pictures with white horses

Love green uniform in my life

Back in Inner Mongolia, the new task of Greg and his comrades in arms is to train the raw horses purchased from pastoral areas and the peoples Republic of Mongolia. After training, they will be sent to the front line.

The new problem is that the raw horse has not heard all kinds of instructions from the army, and has not heard the sound of guns from the sky. Everything must start from scratch. But the front line is in urgent need, and it can not be used for too long, which is a big challenge for the Inner Mongolia cavalry company. Greg is in the process of training raw horses, more and more serious injury. After more than 60 years, many scars are still visible.

Greg: take 1000 horses. You have to adjust them when you pull them back. Train horses all day, wear bridles and bridles. My horse and I fell into a big pit. My nose was broken, and my eyebrow bone on my left was broken

He was hit on the ground by the horse, dragged by the horse, and fell down with the horse. Greg didnt mention how painful the injury of the trainee horse was. He said that the pain was nothing compared with those who died in the Korean battlefield. His parents died in the germ war launched by the Japanese army when he was 8 years old. He knows the taste of being invaded and humiliated by others. As long as he can defend his country, he is willing to give everything.

Reporter: I think you are wearing the clothes of the army?

Greg: I was trained from the army, Communists. Its comfortable to wear. I dont like other clothes.

Reporter: how old is this dress?

Daughter: twenty or thirty years.

Greg: good looking!

Reporter: reluctant to throw it away?

Greg: I cant throw it away. Im used to it. Dead, Im wearing this dress, OK.

Meeting in dream

Tens of thousands of trained military horses were sent to the Korean battlefield in batches. Greg and his comrades in arms also heard the good news from the battlefield. Until July 1953, the victory of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea ended. Greg did not wait for his favorite white horse, but white horse often met him in his dreams.

Reporter: after the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, did you inquire about your horses?

Daughter: what do you think in your dream?

Greg: well.

Daughter: thats his comrade in arms.

The commemorative medallion of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea

Reporters words

Greg old man interviewed by Feng Huiling, a reporter from CCTV Central Television (Photo by reporter Bao Yin)

During the two hours of the interview, old Greg always spoke like a bell, and his military nature turned into a matter of action. Pointing to his injuries, the old man laughed with ease. The pain he had suffered in the past had long been forgotten. The only white horse he loved was crying.

He has been dealing with horses for more than 20 years. He has been living and dying. No one can understand how much old Gregs feelings for white horses are. In his heart, white horse is a war horse, a partner and a comrade in arms. But when the country needed, he did not hesitate to choose to donate his favorite white horse. After war after war, he was willing to give everything for peace.

The interview lasted for two hours. Afraid that the old man was too tired, he once wanted him to have a little rest. He waved his hand and refused, you come all the way from Beijing. You cant run in vain, and you cant rest until you finish.. After the interview, we got up to say goodbye. The old man got up slowly, suddenly raised his right hand and paid a military salute, which made people cry in an instant.

Once a green uniform, a soldier all his life.

Gregs historical confession

Greg: our goal is to achieve no war, the people are safe and the people are good. What are we for? Our life is for the safety of the people, who is not happy? People are supreme, life is supreme. I live to serve the people and die to serve the people.