Li Xian and Wei daxuns military uniform riding to a new height?

 Li Xian and Wei daxuns military uniform riding to a new height?

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Li Xian and Wei daxun rise to new heights in military uniform riding (source: Netease Entertainment)

Houchang village reported on October 18 that Li Xian and Wei daxun were seen in Hengdian recently.

On the same day, as soon as he arrived at the studio, he saw Wei daxun in military uniform. He sat calmly on his horse, his waist was very straight, and his small eyes were looking around, waiting for the shooting to begin.

After the shooting started, Li Xian, Wei daxun and Zhou you sat on the horse side by side. At this time, the staff also loosened the reins, and the actors controlled the horses themselves. After a few laps, Li Xian and Wei daxun gradually became proficient. They talked about their lines calmly and quickly completed the shooting of the current camera.

Recently, according to Hong Kong media reports, Wei daxun is suspected of proposing marriage to Yang Mi and wants to marry Yang Mi. However, Yang Mi is disgusted with marriage and refuses to enter the palace of marriage many times.

It has been reported that Yang Mi is now particularly resistant to marriage, and her little boyfriend even plans to marry her. However, she is particularly disgusted with this matter, and has repeatedly told her in person that she has no idea of remarriage. At present, the identity of the little boyfriend has not been disclosed, but many people speculate that it is Wei daxun.

Wei daxun and Yang Mi have been rumored many times, and they have been the default pair. In August this year, the two were photographed together in a residential area of Hengdian. At that time, they came out of the same unit building. They were still dressed in couples clothes and suspected of cohabitation.

Before that, the agency had seen Li Xian participate in shooting the new drama if life is like the first sight, wearing military uniform and solemn expression.