US infrastructure make complaints about iPhone 12, only slowest 5G network

 US infrastructure make complaints about iPhone 12, only slowest 5G network

According to news, the US consumer news and business channel reported a few days ago that due to the imperfect infrastructure construction, the current network situation in the United States can not match the performance of some 5g mobile phones launched on the market. The American people who hope to have great changes in network speed may not be able to do so.

Data shows that so far, the download speed of 5g network in the United States is only 1.8 times faster than that of 4G network. In other countries with 5g networks using if band frequency, the speed can be five times that of 4G.

Some analysts believe that in todays U.S. network, using the new iPhone or any 5g device is like owning a Ferrari sports car, but you can only drive on rural roads.

And bloggers said, as it is, I dont have much incentive to upgrade my new iPhone. The 5g network speed of sub-6ghz has not been significantly improved, and the laying of millimeter wave 5g base stations is very few.

It is reported that the iPhone 12 supports two modes of 5g network: millimeter wave 5g and low frequency sub-6ghz 5g. On the whole, the speed of millimeter wave 5g is faster, but its coverage is not as good as sub-6ghz 5g.

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