Battle Shanghai beach! First real estate tennis elite invitational tournament in Shencheng

 Battle Shanghai beach! First real estate tennis elite invitational tournament in Shencheng

Affected by the international epidemic situation, this years Chinese season was completely suspended. In the face of difficulties in 2020, China open, together with shouchuang group and shouchuang real estate, met the challenge, built an amateur competition platform for tennis elite and rekindled tennis passion. As a heavyweight event with EMBA business schools accurate crowd as the main participants and covering domestic elites, 2020 first home tennis elite invitational tournament will be held in Beijing and Shanghai this year. Beijing railway station has been successfully concluded at the end of last month. This week, Shanghai will take over the baton and realize the linkage between Beijing and Shanghai, which will continue brilliantly. The elite teams of EMBA group and enterprise group in Shencheng will fight fiercely for the glory of the champion.

Representatives of China capital real estate, Shanghai Tennis Association, China open Corporation and EMBA alliance attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Zhu Ning, deputy general manager of capital real estate East China regional company, delivered a speech on behalf of the named sponsor. He said: it is a great honor for capital real estate to sponsor such a professional and influential tennis event. Hand in hand with the event is a new attempt to enable the development of the first home ownership city. It has always adhered to the principles of refinement, strict standards and excellent service, and is committed to becoming a responsible and responsible comprehensive urban operator, enabling the city to share the future with the city. In the future, East China Pioneer will, as always, promote urban construction and enrich peoples living with the power of culture, and will continue to cooperate with China open to support the sports cause, transmit the spirit of sports, and rejuvenate the vitality, so as to refuel for a healthy China.

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First real estate tennis elite invitational tournament Shanghai station (source: Netease sports)

Liu Mingqiu, vice president of Beijing China open sports promotion Co., Ltd., said enthusiastically at the opening ceremony: with the support of the first real estate industry and with the help of Tsinghua Economic Management EMBA Tennis Association, the Shanghai station competition of the first real estate tennis elite Invitational Competition will officially be launched in 2020. In this familiar and beautiful season, tennis players gather again in the tennis court with excitement, and let their energy return to the court! The concept is consistent and the goal is clear, which brings China net and the first real estate industry together in this special year of 2020, which is both efficient and cooperative, and also meets the needs of the market. On behalf of China open and 2020, I would like to create the first real estate tennis elite Invitational Competition, and welcome all the players to come! You, as the representative of elite, give together in life, deliver mission and create a better and new life; meet with interest in the field, love and communicate with each other, so that tennis court can find the vitality of this season every year.

In the past, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena Williams, Sharapova and other international celebrities have left Championship footprints in China open. Although China open has cancelled professional events this year, it has brought the original professional style to the scene of the first home ownership tennis elite invitational tournament, so that participating amateur players can experience the exclusive services that the worlds top professional players can enjoy u3002

Competition service and event experience have been the core of China net. The 2020 official account of the Tennis Invitational tennis tournament has set up a brand-new platform for competition service. It only needs to pay attention to the WeChat public number of China Open tennis tournament (CO_). 4007076666), click elite competition to enter. Open the real-time score column, players can experience the convenience and advanced of new tennis technology, check the real-time score and result of any court at any time without appearing, and master the real-time process of the whole match.

The competition also invited professional photography team to capture the dynamic moment for each player, so that the elite become the real protagonist in the competition. Players can find the corresponding materials in popular atlas, live gags and friends circle materials, and download and share the game dynamic at any time. At the same time, the platform has also specially opened the self photo upload function, which is also a new way of playing that has not been tried in other amateur competitions. All contestants will be able to become photographers and upload their photos and short videos to the platform to share the highlights.

In order to meet the needs of tennis equipment control, the competition party also held a trial meeting of new rackets jointly with Hyde and Wilson Wilson Wilson. The players had the opportunity to hit the new products in the market first, and to take the lead in experiencing the feel and characteristics of the new rackets.

Under the arrangement of Grand Slam referee and international top tour event organizing team, the Shanghai leg of 2020 first home ownership tennis elite invitational tournament has started in an all-round and orderly manner, and many groups will start to fight against each other. They have gone through the tests of group competition and elimination competition, and staged a brilliant elite battle in the golden autumn. Who can be proud of Shanghai beach and win the championship trophy? Lets wait and see.