Development and Reform Commission: Launch Shenzhen Stock Index Futures

 Development and Reform Commission: Launch Shenzhen Stock Index Futures

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List of the first batch of authorized items for comprehensive reform pilot project of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen (full text)

Recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the implementation plan for comprehensive reform pilot project of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen (2020-2025), and issued a list of the first batch of authorized matters in the form of an annex, and issued a notice requiring all departments in various regions to earnestly implement the plan in combination with the actual situation.

The main contents of the list of the first batch of authorized items for the comprehensive reform pilot project of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen are as follows.

Serial number


primary coverage

1u3001 On the allocation of market factors


Authorization and authorization of land use examination and approval

The approval of converting agricultural land other than permanent basic farmland to construction land authorized by the State Council shall be approved by Shenzhen City entrusted by Guangdong Province.


Improve the trading and supervision mechanism of natural resources assets

We will build a trading platform for natural resources assets and establish a secondary market information release mechanism for land. We will improve the rules of the secondary land market and gradually improve the land market service supervision system with the linkage of the primary and secondary markets.

Pilot project of advance notice registration and transfer system of land secondary market

We should make full use of market mechanism to revitalize stock and inefficient land use. After being authorized by the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, we should focus on the disposal of idle industrial land which has not yet completed 25% of the total development investment. We can optimize the market-oriented allocation of land elements and ensure the transaction security by providing transaction authentication and advance notice registration. Industrial use shall not be changed without approval.


Carry out special working hours management reform pilot

It is allowed to revise the relevant laws and regulations of special economic zones to promote harmonious labor relations, expand the scope of special working hours system applicable to industries and types of jobs, and explore special working hours management system to meet the development needs of new technologies, new formats, new industries and new models.



Shenzhen stock index futures will be launched to continuously enrich the product system of stock index futures.

We will carry out pilot projects for innovative enterprises to issue stocks or depository receipts (CDR) in China

We will improve the system of domestic issuance and listing of innovative enterprises, promote enterprises with innovation leading role to issue shares or depository receipts (CDR) and list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, strengthen the information disclosure of innovative enterprises, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.


Optimize the market access environment of private funds

We will promote companies or partnership enterprises engaged in private fund business to adopt the words of unified registered name and business scope, put on record within a time limit after registration, and establish and improve the interconnection mechanism of private fund registration information of market supervision, financial supervision and other departments. We will improve the registration and filing process of private fund managers and private fund products, open up a green channel for qualified managers and fund products, and improve the degree of convenience in access, fund-raising and exit. We should establish a hierarchical and classified supervision mechanism for private funds, improve the custody system of private funds, strengthen the supervision of account behavior, solve the obstacles and problems affecting the protection of investors rights and interests, increase the cost of violation of laws and regulations, constantly improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, learn from the advanced experience of variable capital companies, pilot explore new forms of private funds, and promote the healthy development of private fund industry.


Optimizing the market access of venture capital and enterprises

(1) We should improve the legal environment for the development of venture capital, and encourage Shenzhen to formulate local laws and regulations to promote the development of venture capital. We should optimize the policy and market environment for the development of venture capital, broaden the source of venture capital and market exit channels, promote the two-way opening of venture capital, and create an ecological environment conducive to the development of venture capital.

(2) The registration name and business scope requirements of companies or partnership enterprises engaged in venture capital business shall be standardized, and the business registration of venture capital enterprises shall be completed within a time limit. We will improve the real-time sharing and interconnection mechanism for registration information of venture capital enterprises by market supervision, financial supervision and industry development departments.

(3) We will support Shenzhen to create a venture capital center with international influence.

Carry out pilot projects of real estate investment trust funds in the field of infrastructure in accordance with laws and regulations

(1) Public raised REITs will be launched in infrastructure fields such as transportation, water conservancy, logistics and warehousing, and industrial parks.


Establish a national comprehensive service platform connecting technology market and capital market to provide one-stop service for the transaction, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We will improve the basic functions of right confirmation, registration and publicity, form a market-oriented pricing and trading mechanism for intellectual property rights and scientific and technological achievements, and optimize information management, retrieval and analysis of scientific and technological achievements.

Open up the communication industry step by step

(1) We will release basic telecommunications services in a safe and orderly manner. We will accelerate the liberalization of value-added telecommunications services and gradually abolish restrictions on the ratio of foreign shares to shares. Give Shenzhen Foreign Investment telecom enterprises the power of examination and approval.

(2) Support Shenzhen to establish early warning, monitoring, analysis and disposal platform in local operators.


Promote the construction of big data platform and related mechanisms

We will support the construction of big data centers in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, study and demonstrate the establishment of a data trading market or rely on existing trading venues to carry out data trading.


(1) We will support Shenzhen to carry out a regional comprehensive reform experiment of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, give greater reform autonomy, and encourage the implementation of more flexible and innovative reform measures in line with the actual situation.

(2) We will support and improve the management mechanism of state-owned enterprise leaders that are different from Party and government leaders and conform to the law of market economy and the growth law of entrepreneurs, and explore the salary distribution and long-term incentive and restraint mechanism that match the market position and performance contribution of enterprises, closely link with the assessment results, and determine the incremental incentive by incremental performance.

2u3001 Business environment

Innovation of international industry and management system of standard organization

For the international industry and standards organization with its residence in Shenzhen, when applying for registration, it should simplify the registration process, shorten the registration time, and establish a comprehensive supervision mechanism to strengthen supervision.


We will carry out a pilot program to reform the bankruptcy system

(2) It is allowed to explore the cooperation mechanism of cross-border bankruptcy and improve the supporting system of property disposal.

(4) We took the lead in trying out the bankruptcy system for natural persons and supported the formulation of relevant provisions on personal bankruptcy in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.


We will carry out pilot projects to protect new types of intellectual property rights

(1) We will implement a new type of legal protection system for intellectual property rights, and improve the system for protecting the rights and interests of digital intellectual property rights such as Internet information and fair competition.

(2) To establish a punitive compensation system, we should first explore how to reduce the threshold of criminal filing for infringement of trade secrets according to law.

(3) According to the law, we should reduce the evidence requirements for administrative law enforcement to crack down on the infringement of trade secrets. Introduce the rules of evidence disclosure, evidence obstruction exclusion and superior evidence, promote the wide application of blockchain technology in the trial, set up technical investigators, summarize and clarify the malicious situation, regard serious circumstances as the basis for determining the multiple of punitive damages, and the amount of compensation fully reflects the market value of intellectual property rights.

Innovating the management mode of establishment

(1) In order to support Shenzhens construction of an advanced demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the central and state organs can arrange cadres to take temporary posts in Shenzhen, arrange their duties according to the actual situation, clarify the division of responsibilities, ensure that the work is carried out in a real way, and go through the temporary post filing procedures according to the prescribed procedures.

(2) Shenzhen is allowed to explore the reform of salary system to encourage cadres to take responsibility.

(3) Support Shenzhen to continuously optimize the organizational structure according to the principle of synergy and efficiency, and form an efficient organizational system.

(4) We will support Shenzhen to actively explore the overall use of various kinds of compilation resources.


Support Shenzhen to carry out the reform of administrative reconsideration system

A local government at or above the county level shall retain only one administrative reconsideration organ, and the government at the same level shall exercise the functions of administrative reconsideration.


Support Shenzhen to carry out the reform of administrative litigation system

Some administrative cases in which the county government is the defendant shall be under the centralized jurisdiction of the grass-roots courts.


Support Shenzhen to make full use of the legislative power of the Special Economic Zone

We will expand the legislative space of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, give Shenzhen the right of first trial in artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, big data, biomedicine, medical and health, information services, personal bankruptcy and other fields, and support Shenzhen to make full use of the legislative power of the special economic zone for exploration. We will support Shenzhen in pilotless aircraft management and other fields and formulate corresponding supporting measures.

3u3001 Scientific and technological innovation system


Explore and improve the management mechanism of big science plan

We will explore the mechanisms for the initiation, organization, construction, operation, and management of the grand scientific plan for innovation.


Optimizing technology transfer mechanism of scientific research institutions


(1) Under the premise of controllable risk and sustainable business, Shenzhen banking financial institutions are encouraged to strengthen cooperation with external investment institutions and actively explore diversified scientific and technological financial service modes.

(2) Support Shenzhen to actively develop green finance and financial technology, and apply for the construction of green financial reform and innovation pilot zone.

(3) Support the construction of green technology market-oriented innovation system.


Promoting visa convenience for foreign talents

(1) We will support Shenzhen in exploring and formulating standards for identifying high-quality, top-notch and short-term foreign talents, and apply for r-visa for qualified foreign personnel.

(3) It will provide entry-exit convenience for foreign high-level talents to invest in entrepreneurship, lectures and exchanges, and economic and trade activities.


To explore and improve the residence convenience of foreign high-level talents and the occupation list system of short-term talents

Provide permanent residence convenience for foreign high-level talents. We will formulate a list of occupations in short supply, simplify the procedures for foreigners to work in China, and improve the convenience of foreigners coming to work in China.


Shenzhen is given the authority to formulate regulations on the practice and management of overseas professionals under the guidance of relevant departments, clarify the professional conditions and business scope, and allow professionals in finance, taxation, construction, planning and other fields with overseas international professional qualifications to provide professional services in Shenzhen according to relevant regulations. The restrictions on overseas personnel (excluding medical and health personnel) to participate in various vocational qualification examinations shall be relaxed.

4u3001 Opening up

The Supreme Peoples court has strengthened its professional guidance on major and difficult foreign-related commercial cases to improve the quality and efficiency of trials.

Improve international legal service and cooperation mechanism

Based on the international arbitration institutions of the special economic zones, we will build the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay Area International Arbitration Center, improve the international legal services and dispute resolution mechanism, support the international arbitration institutions in the special economic zone to take the lead in building an international investment joint Arbitration Center, introduce relevant international organizations and world-famous arbitration institutions through cooperation, and establish an exchange and cooperation mechanism between international mediation organizations and mediators.

Carry out the pilot project of the integration of domestic and foreign currency cross-border fund pool

Establish the master account of domestic and foreign currency pool, integrate the function of domestic and foreign currency fund adjustment and collection, manage the cross-border capital flow of the fund pool in a two-way macro Prudential way, allow the funds in the master account to handle the settlement and sales of foreign exchange and related hedging derivatives transactions, keep the gold coin types of cross-border transfer out capital consistent, and implement negative list management on the use of fund pool funds.


First try the local government bond issuing mechanism

Shenzhen is authorized to issue local bonds within the limit approved by the state. We will innovate the mechanism of local government borrowing, and allow Shenzhen to issue offshore RMB local government bonds overseas.


Opening up port and shipping business to the outside world

Study and implement the policy of 144 hour visa free for foreign tourists entering the cruise home port and 15 day visa free for cruise group passengers. We will support Shenzhen in setting up international transit areas for passengers at passenger terminals, optimizing entry and exit procedures, and extending customs clearance time at ports. Cancel the customs bond for yacht free travel.

Deepening the reform of international ship registration system

Enterprises established in Shenzhen according to law are allowed to register all their ships in Shenzhen with international ship registration, and the proportion of foreign shares of enterprises is not limited. The name of the port of registry shall be separately determined and announced by the competent authority in accordance with the actual needs of Shenzhen. Foreign survey companies approved in accordance with the law are allowed to carry out classification inspection and statutory survey of ships registered in Shenzhen. Foreign seafarers are allowed to serve as officers of ships registered for international ship registration in Shenzhen, and all crew members are exempt from employment permit.


Granting the permission of bonded refueling to international ships

5u3001 Public service system


Relaxing access to new drugs in the world

The designated medical institutions operating in 9 cities in the mainland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao are allowed to use the drugs which are urgently needed in clinical practice and have been listed in Hong Kong and Macao (the medical and health service providers of Hong Kong and Macao have set up medical institutions in 9 cities of the Pearl River Delta in accordance with the regulations by means of sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation).


Explore and improve the cross-border linkage mechanism of medical services

To explore the establishment of international standards for medical personnel training and hospital accreditation.


Expand the autonomy of enterprise postdoctoral station

6u3001 Ecological environment and urban space governance


(1) Shenzhen is authorized to implement the environmental impact assessment system reform. In the areas where regional spatial ecological environment assessment has been carried out, the list of key projects requiring EIA shall be formulated according to the requirements of the ecological environment access list, and the construction projects not included in the list shall be simplified or exempted from EIA.

(2) The authority of Grade A and grade B qualification examination and approval for geological disaster prevention and control units registered in Shenzhen is given.


Explore and optimize the approval mechanism of land use, forest use and sea use for construction projects

Shenzhen is allowed to coordinate the scale and index of land use forest, and explore the total amount control mode implemented according to the planning period after the completion of land and space planning. We will carry out the reform of the examination and approval mechanism of unified receipt, unified handling and unified issuance of land, forest and sea use, and accelerate the realization of multiple examination and integration of multiple certificates. The provincial examination authority of forest land occupation in Shenzhen was given.


(1) Support Shenzhen airport to further enhance the airport capacity under the condition of meeting the requirements.

(2) We will support Shenzhen to set up a mixed ownership reform fund for civil aviation development under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission, and actively participate in the reform and development of the civil aviation industry.

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