Golden Eagle Award actively and publicly swiping tickets

 Golden Eagle Award actively and publicly swiping tickets

Swiping has become ubiquitous. It is time to reexamine the advantages and disadvantages of online voting and make a careful choice.

On October 15, the official micro blog of China Television Artists Association issued a statement by the Organizing Committee of the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Award, which disclosed for the first time that there were malicious vote swiping and data flooding phenomenon in the voting activity of Golden Eagle Award, and carried out ticket clearing action. As a result, the number of votes of some candidates changed greatly, which caused concern.

Media search on e-commerce platforms found that there are hundreds of businesses engaged in online ticket swiping business, which boast pure manual ticket swiping, and some even promise to win the championship. For the Golden Eagle Award, many businesses said that they were very familiar and safe to do. Some businesses quoted a price of 30 cents for one vote, and 1000 votes could be spent at 300 yuan. If there is more demand, there will be more discount.

Where there is online voting, there will be swipe votes, as if it has become a common hidden rule. In the industry quite well-known Golden Eagle Award selection is also successful, really should not, but also hard to say unexpected.

It is very necessary for the Organizing Committee of the Golden Eagle Award to take the initiative to pierce the ticket swiping bag, so as to ensure the fairness of the award and put an end to data flooding. At the same time, we should remind again that the events and selection activities that set up online voting should have the awareness of anti vote swiping and the protection of relevant measures.

Of course, it also refreshes the societys cognition of the evolution speed of the current network swipe tickets illegal production. You should know that the Golden Eagle award voting activities are registered with mobile phone numbers, and there is a voting restriction of one number, one vote. However, many businesses claim that the network selection activities such as IP restrictions, identity restrictions, mobile phone number restrictions, verification code restrictions, and regional restrictions can be broken through as long as they pay, and even promise to win the championship.. As a result, the number of abnormal votes cleared up by the Golden Eagle Award has reached 1.5 million.

Similar phenomena have been disclosed by the media, and the relevant governance is not without it. But at the same time, the self evolution of network black production is also in rapid progress. This reality undoubtedly calls for more combination in the governance of network black industry, such as the improvement of law and the promotion of shielding technology should be promoted simultaneously.

One detail is that for authoritative selection activities such as the Golden Eagle Award, it only costs 2500 yuan to brush 10000 votes, with an average of only 0.25 yuan per vote, reflecting that the cost of swiping votes is very low. If we can increase the punishment, organize the network of anti cheating technology, and increase the cost of illegal operation, we believe that it can effectively alleviate the flooding of swiping tickets.

In addition, in view of the fact that swiping can not be prevented, and the objective fact that online voting and swiping have formed a strong correlation in the publics cognition, the evaluation system of various competitions may be optimized and adjusted appropriately, instead of relying on the online voting selection model unilaterally, so as to reduce the market demand of swiping tickets from the source. We should know that when swiping becomes ubiquitous, the fairness and credibility of online voting are threatened. It is time to reexamine its advantages and disadvantages and make a careful choice.

Once any online voting is polluted by swiping votes, it will be a great damage to the credibility of the public. Every organizer of the event should have a clear attitude and take counter-measures, and even consider cancelling the qualification of those who swipe seriously. As far as this award is concerned, it is a positive demonstration. When swiping tickets has become a common hidden rule, it is necessary for all parties to work together to thoroughly control the corresponding network black industry.

Zhong Zhou (media person)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NBJ11279