Model 3 update out of sync with us? Tesla: more time for local supply chain

 Model 3 update out of sync with us? Tesla: more time for local supply chain

In the morning of October 18, Tao Lin, vice president of Teslas foreign affairs, posted a microblog saying that some netizens asked why the update of Model3 is not synchronized with that of the United States, and that it is not synchronized with that of domestic and foreign countries. It is normal in the automobile production industry, especially for new factories and new products. It generally takes a long time or even more than a year for traditional car factories to realize synchronous production. With the increasing size of Shanghai factories, it is impossible to copy the US supply chain if we want to let Chinese consumers enjoy the most cost-effective products. However, the new local supply chain needs more time for engineering verification and corresponding climbing work.

You asked us how long, but now we really cant answer, because we need to complete the verification of the engineering supply chain, and the products can only be formally put into the market after being fully qualified. Some of these links are not entirely in Teslas hands. Once fully prepared, it will be announced to the market.

We have enough confidence in our products. In terms of product power, we constantly add and subtract in marketing. The main road is simple, and the resources are fully used in the improvement of product strength and service.

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Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NBJ11279