White moonlight: has Zhang Xin been washed white successfully? Its just the idealism of men

 White moonlight: has Zhang Xin been washed white successfully? Its just the idealism of men


Zhang Xin in the white moonlight, do you think it was successfully washed white? Poor, the heroine has exhausted her time and energy in order to find out who is the third party who destroys her family. Ah? It was Yang Yan, the matrilineal junior. Im so surprised. Im so surprised. Professional women feel offended, they are tired like a dog in charge of making money to support their family - men, so run away with others? Young and beautiful women (relatively speaking) feel offended. Are my cosmetics and beautiful clothes all rubbish? Man, youre blind.

Zhang Xins heart is not willing, is it from the moment he quit the workplace to return to his family? There is no cat that doesnt steal fishy food, but cat has restraint or the temptation of fishy is not big enough. But loyalty has long been wiped out. You dont expect a man who is ready to move to take back his irrefutable ambition. If its not discovered, you can play the game all your life. As long as you have a strong heart. Heart, thats a must. Force can create conditions without conditions. You know, thank you for understanding.



It was Yang Yans son who broke the balance. This is also the biggest reason why we think Zhang Xin can be forgiven. Yang Yans son has seen the family photo in Zhang Yis mobile phone. Naturally, he has more or less impression on Zhang Xin. This time, I saw that the boy friend my mother brought was him! The world is clean in Wang Lus eyes. Theres no room for this kind of mess. Is this her mothers happiness in exchange for being a junior? The stepdad? Wang Lu yelled: he is not a good man at all. He has more than one wife. How can he give you happiness?


Yang Yan let Zhang Xin go, which also makes Zhang Xin similar to draw water with a bamboo basket.. Over there, divorce your wife. This way, I was divorced by the junior. Yang Yan told Zhang Xin: deer dont like you, these are meaningless. For the sake of not landing on either side of Zhang Xin, people forgave Zhang Xin. At the end of the day, he was given a bright tail. My ex-wife may have her own children in her belly, tut tut. I can only say that this is the idealism of men. Its OK. Dont play around. Betrayal and betrayal are not allowed in marriage.


Believe it? In reality, Zhang Xin must not be washed white, men should be more leisurely