How are you? Like a circle of friends?

 How are you? Like a circle of friends?

But are you really doing well? no

Do you also have a lot of grievances, a lot of dissatisfaction, a lot of hard to speak and a long story. But you tell yourself that you are an adult, and you cant bring negative emotions to others as you used to.

So even if you encounter trouble, even if you are not happy, even if you want to talk, most of the time, you still choose to restrain as much as possible, press the mood in your heart and tell the people around you that you are OK and you are fine.

You try to create a good appearance in front of all people, while hiding those bad things silently, one person slowly digests them.


You are used to sending positive energy in your circle of friends, but no one knows that sometimes the positive energy is not your real state, but is used to encourage yourself when you are not happy.

And those who seem to have a good life in the circle of friends are actually holding their teeth in real life.

I remember last weekend, I went to see a friend I had not seen for a long time. The moment I saw her, I was surprised.

Looking at her like this, I was very worried, so I couldnt help asking her: I usually see you are very active in the circle of friends, basking in delicious food and drying pets. But seeing you today, its not quite right. Whats wrong with you lately

The friend sighed and said, the things in the circle of friends cant be trusted. Think about it. There are so many students, colleagues, leaders and family members in the wechat list. Now there are still several people who dare to express themselves in the circle of friends. At this age, its hard to say that you are not happy as before. No matter how hard it is, you have to break it and swallow it in your stomach.

When she said this, I didnt ask any more questions. At this age, its hard to say


As the saying goes, in the adult world, there is never an easy word.

At work, even if you have worked hard for many days and nights and finally completed the task, you can only say: its my problem, I will do it again right away. Even if youre tired, even if you feel helpless, you still need to keep up your spirits, sort out your thoughts and get back to work.

In fact, occasionally you also want to talk to your friends for a while, but you think that friends have their own lives, and they also have their own difficulties, so you dont want to bring these negative emotions to them and make them worry.

In fact, occasionally you want to go home and stay away from these troubles, but at the moment the phone rings, you still habitually say to your family, dont worry, everything is fine with me.

You always dare to shed tears after hanging up the phone. You always dare to show your helplessness and fatigue when you are alone.


Its not easy to live. Its really hard to live the life you like.

I remember meeting with friends before and after dinner, we were discussing what our ideal life was like.

But what kind of life do we have to live in order to be an ideal life? I dont think there is a definite answer to this question.

For a person who is in love, stay with the one you like, avoid conflicts, and occasionally have some small surprises. Maybe you will feel that the future is promising. For a wife, with the care and love of her husband, her life is plain but full. Maybe she will feel that such a day is sweet. For a person who is struggling hard, making more money, getting less sick, and making progress every day, may feel full of the strength to continue to persist.

And I remember my answer at that time was: keep the courage to generate desire, and have the ability to achieve it.

If you want to have a good relationship with the people you like now, you should manage the relationship with your heart, less suspicion, more trust, less care, more tolerance, less conflict, and more warmth; if you want to improve in your own field, you should play less games, spend more time learning, less think about taking shortcuts, and improve your strength; If you want to save more money and improve your quality of life, you have to make more money.

In fact, we all know that life is always like drinking water, but I hope you dont force yourself, I hope you dont just pretend to live well, but really live a very happy life. You have to remember, to live for yourself is really happy.