Clear water out of Hibiscus, nature to carve: these seven poems clearly so beautiful, but have been misunderstood for thousands of years!

 Clear water out of Hibiscus, nature to carve: these seven poems clearly so beautiful, but have been misunderstood for thousands of years!

The following seven poems have been misunderstood for thousands of years.

1. Spring curfew is worth a thousand dollars

Spring night

Spring curfew is worth thousands of gold, flowers have fragrance, moon has shade. Song Guan terrace sound fine, swing courtyard night deep.

In the costume TV series, when they get married,

It is often said that a curfew in spring is worth a thousand dollars.,

It shows the value of their wedding time.

But in Su Shis original poems,

This poem expresses the beauty of spring night,

It is used to describe the short and precious beauty on a good day.

2. How many times can this music be heard in the world?

To Hua Qing

Tang Du Fu

Jincheng silk pipe day after day, half into the river wind, half into the cloud. How many times can this music be heard in the world?

This poem has always been regarded as a musical poem,

Describe the beauty of music.

In fact, this is a satirical poem by Du Fu.

Hua Qing refers to a general named Hua JINGDING,

Hua JINGDING was arrogant and arrogant. He did not comply with the laws and regulations, and indulged the soldiers to plunder the East Shu. He also had no imperial court and illegally used the music of the son of heaven.

Du Fu wrote this poem and advised him not to use the music of the emperor.

From the beginning to the end, Du Fu did not make any overt accusations against Hua Qing, but he had a needle in his sleeve. He was gentle and firm, so he could be said to be faithful but not rebellious.

3. Poor and humble husband and wife

Yuan Zhen

I still want to feel pity for my maids and maids, and I have given money because of my dream.

Sincerely know that everyone has this hatred, poor husband and wife are sad.

They will lament that the poor and humble husband and wife are sad for everything.,

A couple without money are very sad about everything.

Its original intention is to say:

If a husband and wife say goodbye to each other, everyone will feel sad, but a husband and wife like you and I who have lived through adversity together,

4. Fresh water produces hibiscus and natural carving

The day after tomorrows wandering, eunuch Yelang remembers the old travel book and presents it to liangzai, prefect of jiangxiawei (excerpt)

Tang Li Bai

See the king Jingshan, JiangBao can move color. Lotus comes out of clear water, and natural carving. Yixing horizontal plain lapel, always seeking. Zhu men hold tiger people, and he Sensen is the leader. Cutting and chiseling bamboo and stone open, lingering current rising clear deep. Sitting in the water Pavilion on the stage, he talks about many English sounds. A piece of speech is precious white jade, a promise light gold. Call me worthy of you, the green bird knows the true heart.

Fresh water produces hibiscus, nature goes to carve

Modern times are often used to describe the natural beauty of women.

Like the hibiscus flowers that have just come out of water, they are simple and beautiful, and have no carving decoration,

This is also true of Li Bais own works. Later generations often quote these two sentences to evaluate Li Bais works.

Waves washing sand - drinking to the east wind

Ouyang Xiu, Song Dynasty

Drink to the east wind and have a good time together.

Chuiyang Zimo, east of Luocheng.

Always hand in hand, travel all over the fragrant bush.

Gathering and parting in a hurry, this hatred is endless.

This years flower is better than last years.

Unfortunately, its better to spend next year. Who do you know?

Many people think its a poem for lovers,

In fact, this is a poem written by Ouyang Xiu to his good friend Mei Yaochen.

It is not used to describe love, but to describe friendship.

u201dThis years flower is better than last years.

Unfortunately, its better to spend next year. Who do you know?

Its the feeling of parting with Mei Yaochen and regret that we cant enjoy the same tour with him next year.


Tang Wei

Red beans are born in southern China. How many branches are there in spring?

When it comes to Acacia, this poem is definitely on the list.

It was written by Wang Wei in memory of his friend Li guinian,

Its a work of missing friends.

But after years of change,

Red beans have long been synonymous with acacia.

7. Return your pearl to tears, why not meet without marriage

Zhang Ji, Tang Dynasty

You know that I have a husband, and give me two pearls. The feeling of your lingering feeling is tied to hongluoru. My high-rise house even from the garden, the good man holding halberd bright light. The heart of a bosom friend is like the sun and the moon. Return your pearl, tears drop, why not meet not married.

u201dReturn your pearls to tears, why not meet without marriageu201c

It is often used to describe two people who love each other because they cant get married.

In fact, this is a song that Zhang Ji uses womens words to refuse Li Shidaos solicitude.

Li Shidao was the governor of Pinglu Ziqing, one of the most popular vassal towns at that time.

Li Shidao fell in love with Zhang Ji and threw out olive branches to him. He wanted him to depend on himself and serve himself.

Zhang Ji is a supporter of national unity. Faced with Li Shidaos solicitude, Zhang Ji was embarrassed to refuse directly, so he wrote this poem and gave it to him.

This poem describes a wife who is loyal to her husband. After ideological struggle, she finally refuses the pursuit of an amorous man and keeps her womanism.

The deep meaning is to tell Li Shidao that he hates not to meet when he is not married, and expresses his determination to be loyal to the imperial court, not to be courted and bribed by high officials in the vassal towns.

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