Shen Congwen: our love life is too short

 Shen Congwen: our love life is too short

I understand youll come, so Ill wait.

Ive crossed bridges in many places,

I have drunk many kinds of wine,


All things happen by chance,

Between green mountains and green waters,

I want to take your hand and walk across this bridge,

On the bridge, there are green leaves and red flowers, and under the bridge, there are flowing people,

The other end of the bridge is green silk, and this end of the bridge is white hair.


The dragon should be hidden in the cloud, you should be hidden in the heart.

-- Shen Congwens little scenery under the moon


If its your misfortune that I love you,

Its as unfortunate as my long life.

If your eyes are so cold,

In your reflection, a persons heart will become ice.


A woman in a poets poem,

Never grow old,

But the poet himself is old.


All the real people,

Ideas are always different.

Its unfortunate that one remembers too many things,

Its unfortunate to know too much,

Its too bad to realize.

-- Shen Congwens border town


There is no happiness when its time to laugh.

There are no tears when its time to cry.

-- Shen Congwens border town

The sun has lived up to us,

We must not let the sun down.

Border town


Some roads look very close, but they are far away,

Lack of patience never ends.


Life is really a book,

The content is complex and the weight is heavy,

Its worth turning to the last page you can turn to,

And it has to be done slowly.

Peoples loneliness is sometimes difficult to express in words.


Ive been away from you for a week,

Its a bad day for travelers.

Because this week,

I dont suffer from cars,

Not suffering from food and drink,

But its hard to miss you.


Some people can be easily erased with time,

Like dust.

-- Shen Congwens border town


Some people in this world dont understand the sea,

I dont know love sea.

There are also people who understand the sea,

Dare not love the sea.


This man may never come back,

Maybe, come back tomorrow.

-- Shen Congwens border town

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