The order of life must not be reversed!

 The order of life must not be reversed!

It is because of persistence that there is hope

Its because you fight for it that you get a chance

Its not because you can do it

Its because you can do it

Its not because you grow up that you take on

Its because they take on that they grow

Its because you pay to have it

Its not a breakthrough to challenge

Its because of challenges that we break through

Its not because you succeed that you grow up

Its because you grow up that you succeed

Its not because of leadership that you know how to cooperate

Its because you know how to cooperate that you have leadership

Its not because you get something to be grateful for

Its because you have to be grateful that you can get something

Its not because you have money to study

Its because you learn that you have money

Its not because of the market that we open up

Its because of opening up that theres a market

Its because you want to succeed that you create the conditions

The thing that the brain measures is called intelligence quotient

What the brain cant measure is wisdom

The size you can feel on your chest is called chest circumference

The place that the eye can see is called sight line

What the eye cant see is called vision

What you can say is content

What cannot be said is connotation

The expression on his face is called courage

The distance you can walk under your feet is called dream

The distance you cant walk under your feet is called fantasy

The hardness of the back is called spine

The hardness that cant be felt behind is called spine

The action of hand gesture is called gesture

What you can swallow in your throat is saliva

What the throat cant swallow is word of mouth

What cant be printed on the certificate is called culture

The visible arrogance is called arrogance

The invisible bottom line of self-esteem is pride

What temperature cant measure is called warmth

The taste that can be tasted is called aftertaste

Have not tasted the taste called - memory

Ancient poems of drunken dreams

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This feeling can be recalled, but at that time, it was at a loss.