Wu Xins photos leaked and threatened by her ex boyfriend: how terrible is it to love the wrong slag man?

 Wu Xins photos leaked and threatened by her ex boyfriend: how terrible is it to love the wrong slag man?

This summer, Wu Xin gained another wave of popularity with the hit of sister riding the wind and waves.

It has been found that Wu Xin, who has a weak sense of presence in the happy camp, could have done the same on the stage, singing and dancing well and charming.

Photo source: sister riding the wind and waves

There is an interesting thing about Wu Xin: she is often urged to marry by people around her.

Even on the stage of sister Lang, some people talked about this topic.

Ding Dang first proposed that Wu Xin should find someone who could take care of her;

Huang Shengyi said that Wu Xin has been single because her life line is too single. How can she meet the right person if she doesnt go out?

Wu Xin was shocked and agreed.

Photo source: sister riding the wind and waves

If you want to find the reason, it probably has something to do with her emotional experience.

Wu Xin, who seldom exposes her love life to the public, is not a girl who has never been hurt.

As long as you are unfortunate enough to encounter this kind of creature, it is very difficult for him to retreat.

Four years ago, Wu Xins account suddenly forwarded a photo with the caption all the best.

In the photo, Wu Xin hugs a man and looks very close.

Photo source: Internet

But soon, the news was deleted, and the official microblog of Wu Xins studio also posted an article saying that Wu Xin did have a short-term relationship with the man in the photo, but they had already broken up.

The statement also described the relationship as Wu Xins a scar. It can be seen that Wu Xin has suffered a lot.

In fact, Wu Xin talked about this relationship in the program at the beginning, saying that his parents didnt think highly of the boy in the beginning, but Wu Xin insisted on being with him and quarreled with his parents;

Who would like to become an ex boyfriend is not willing to, often behind her tracking harassment, but also often threatening.

Later, considering Wu Xins safety, TAIRI hired two bodyguards to protect her for half a year before the matter was finally settled down.

Photo source: my daughter

This relationship has a great influence on Wu Xin.

Met the slag man, suffered a loss, will let a person more and more do not believe in love.

There is also a similar encounter with actress gulina Zha.

In 2018, a video of gulinaza cuddling up to a man was frantically forwarded on the Internet.

In the video, Naza and her husband are coquettish, with a special tone of love for small and medium-sized girls.

At that time, Naza had been famous for many years, but the video was picked out and recorded in college. It was a long time ago.

According to textual research, this video was sent to the circle of friends by the ex boyfriend of Naza.

On the premise of breaking up for many years and the other party has become famous, the character of this ex boyfriend can be imagined by exposing such a video in the circle of friends.

The image of Naza in public has always been pure and non cannibalism. Exposure of such a video will undoubtedly have an impact on her career.

A qualified ex should completely withdraw from each others life, instead of destroying her if she is upset or cant get her.

Its not love, its a selfish and terrifying personality.

Love is the most defenceless, you will unconditionally believe him and willing to give, but who would like to years later, your trust and dependence has become his means to hurt you.

If a couple of men and women who love each other break up, there must be some unhappiness in the end. Therefore, it is normal for two people to be strangers after breaking up and even unwilling to mention it again;

Since love, dont hurt it.

Recently, the news of the sudden death of Taiwan artist Huang Hongsheng has made countless people feel sorry.

Cheng Lin Yang and Huang Hongsheng were once lovers, but they broke up and have been on good terms for years.

Huang Hongsheng is the best predecessor in Yang Chenglins eyes. She once said that the love affair with Huang Hongsheng made her have a very positive view on her later feelings. He is really a good person.

In a program, someone once asked Huang Hongsheng about Cheng Lin Yang.

The host asked him: have you known each other for so long, has Cheng Lin Yang always been the image of a lovely leader?

In fact, this question is very tricky, but Huang Hongsheng thought about it carefully and said: in the past, it was more lovely and simple; now it is more beautiful and more thoughtful.

Maybe the emotional thing is like this:

But a scum man, will let you lose trust in love, even into self doubt.

So girls, when choosing a man, appearance, talent, ability are very important, but more important is the character, it may affect your feelings for the rest of your life.

If you really meet a man with bad character, I hope you will be braver and not lose the chance to be happy again because of a wrong choice.