After three years of love, I knew that my girlfriend had been a lady

 After three years of love, I knew that my girlfriend had been a lady

My girlfriend Xinxin and I have known each other for 16 years. By last year, it has been better for more than 3 years.

I had planned to propose to her again in October last year. This time, no matter what she said, I had to marry her.

Why say again, because I have proposed to her twice before.

The second time was on the day of the down payment of the house. Although it was only 40 odd and there were still millions of mortgage loans, it was still a home.

This time, she said that her parents said that she should not marry that year, or there would be disaster.

I dont know why. When I asked, I said I thought too much.

I didnt doubt whether she was outside, but for more than three years, apart from business trips, we were tired of getting together every day, and the passwords of mobile phones and computers were interlinked.

Even if one of them is on a business trip, no matter how late we are, we will make a voice call before going to bed, saying good night and going to bed again.

Later I learned that I really thought too much about it.


Last May, I was on a business trip, so my girlfriend sent me to the airport.

When I arrived at the airport, I met a former colleague who was also on the same flight.

He looked at my girlfriend for a moment when he saw her, but he didnt say anything.

Later on the plane, he changed his position with others and said to me, Xiaofeng, is that your girlfriend just now? I have something I dont know how to tell you.

Yes, thats my girlfriend. Whats wrong? You can tell me something.

When I was young, didnt I love to go to nightclubs? Your girlfriend seemed to be a lady in a nightclub I went to before, and it seems to be quite famous.

Youve got the wrong person. Nightclub places look like ghost charms, and you can still recognize them after all these years.

When I said that, he just said maybe Ive made a mistake. he didnt say anything else.

But in fact, my heart is not very strong, but I do not want to affect the work, so that a few days, I temporarily put this matter behind me.

On the morning of the third day, after chatting with the client and confirming the cooperation, I returned to the hotel.

That afternoon, I couldnt resist, and jokingly sent a wechat to Xinxin to say this.

Maybe she was working at that time and didnt reply to me until nearly 10 oclock in the evening. To my surprise, she admitted.

I watched the wechat sitting by the bed for 10 minutes. My mind was blank and I couldnt remember anything.

Her family condition is not very good, I know, she came out of junior high school to work to help the family repay the debt, I also know.

But I didnt expect it to be in this way.

She sent me crazy messages in wechat, hoping that I could give her a chance to explain face to face.

But I couldnt see or hear anything at that time. I told her that I wanted to be quiet by myself. I would like to contact you when I thought it clear. Im sorry, I pulled you black and turned off my mobile phone.

When I arrived in Beijing, I didnt go home. I found a hotel near the company and stayed in it.

The hotel only stayed for two days, because the next day Xinxin sent me a text message saying that she had moved from home to a friends house.

Xinxin is really nice. She is very considerate and takes care of people.

Although I only graduated from junior high school, I love reading and studying very much. I bought all the books in the bookcase, but she was reading them.

She has more planning than I do. When I first met her, she was just an ordinary salesman in a sales office.

Another week later, a mutual friend who had a good time with us came to me. She knew about these things and hoped that I could give her a chance to explain in person.

After explanation, if I still cant let go, Xinxin will let go and wont pester me.

We met one Saturday night in a hotel room.

In that private room, I heard a story about Xinxin, the dog blood in the first half of her life, but it was true.

Her father died at the age of 12. Three years later, in order to get rid of them, her sister married herself at the age of 18.

After that, I never went back to see them.

After giving up the key high school, she went to work in the South with several villagers. In those years, she had done more than ten different jobs.

Until she was 20, she applied to a golf course as a female trainer, which was the only place she felt could broaden her horizons.

She also knew that if it wasnt for her looks, she couldnt have emerged from so many people.

So when the manager told her that it was not allowed to have private contact with guests on the court, she felt that it could never have happened to her.

But it wasnt long before the slap came too fast.

At that time, there was a boss in his thirties who was married and had a son who was more than 3 years old. He also suggested that he wanted to contact her in private, but she still refused.

I have to say, the handsome and experienced man is really attractive. She once thought that it would be nice if he was not married.

That summer vacation, the hospital called and said that her mother was cut and injured, and that it was her brother who had been killed. Now his brother has been arrested and diagnosed with mental illness.

As a matter of course, the man appeared and solved the treatment expenses of his mother and brother.

Naturally, she was kept.

Maybe thats why Xiaofengs colleague said she was the lady of that nightclub.

She has been there for half a year. Frankly speaking, there has been no shady incident. After all, who will provoke the boss.

This was the shady day and the reason why she had been uneasy and refused to get married.

In fact, at the very beginning, Xinxin wanted to confess to me, but once she didnt open her mouth at first, she would sink deeper and deeper and dare not say it.


Its actually over here.

In fact, this is a true story sent by netizens on Zhihu. Some time ago, some readers saw it and sent me a private message asking me what I would do if it was me.

Because I didnt feel the real feelings between them in these three or four years.

I cant imagine Xiao Fengs inner entanglement after hearing all the things.

So, Ill write this story and ask you.

What would you do?