The first cup of milk tea in autumn is hot. Is the spring of milk tea economy coming?

 The first cup of milk tea in autumn is hot. Is the spring of milk tea economy coming?

Xiaotang, a consumer, told the Shanghai Securities News that during the National Day holiday, she went to her favorite new online black tea shop and clocked out tea. She found that the cheese + tea formula, which has been popular for a long time, actually sold coffee.

Through the billboard, Xiaotang learned that Xicha and the boutique coffee brand% Arabica had jointly signed and cooperated, and developed a coffee milk tea using the products of both sides, which once again aroused her curiosity about Xicha products.

Xicha builds a flash store, and% Arabica launches coffee drinks

Xiao Wang, another milk tea enthusiast, believes that tea has already extended its products beyond tea, and some attempts seem to be less successful.

Xiao Wang told reporters that previously he often clocked out a tea shop has been closed.

The reporter inquired about the comment website and found that the shop, which has been closed down, is located in the middle of Huaihai Road in the center of Shanghai. At the beginning, it not only sold tea, but also sold European soft bags, which was once prosperous. But since this year, many customers have commented that the waiting time has been greatly reduced compared with the previous two years, and the fastest time is only a few minutes. And the last comment stayed in June. The reporter visited the store on the spot and found that the store had indeed disappeared.

In the circle of friends, no one has long been happy to send photos because of the purchase of a cup of net black milk tea. The consumer said that with the rapid expansion of a number of new online tea shops such as Xicha, the number of stores has increased, and the hunger and thirst marketing no longer exist. In addition, imitative products are everywhere, many people around us are feeling less fresh about the new tea drinks.

There are not many customers in Naixues tea store

Health needs become another barrier

Xiao Yao, a former milk tea enthusiast, told reporters that a cup of milk tea usually contains high calorie cheese, cream, high sugar fructose syrup and other ingredients. He often drank it for a period of time, and his weight and body fat rate increased significantly. In order to keep fit, he has not bought a new tea drink for nearly a year.

Not long ago, a hot microblog search showed that more people went to see a doctor because of discomfort caused by eating high sugar tea drinks.

Therefore, tea brand has to adjust its development strategy.

According to the recent research reports on the tea beverage market of various institutions, they are also gradually inclined to introduce low calorie bottled drinks instead of sugar.

A number of tea brands such as Naixue tea and LeLe tea introduced the option of 0 cal sugar in the ingredient selection, using erythritol, arabinose and other sugar sweeteners.

In an interview with a reporter from Shanghai Securities News, some consumers believed that the modification of ingredients would make them feel more comfortable drinking new tea drinks. However, some consumers believe that high sugar and high calorie are the soul of this kind of tea drinks, and there are differences in the taste of sugar substitutes. In order to be healthy, they can only reduce the consumption frequency.

Head enterprises seeking listing capital are still in pursuit

Although the new tea beverage enterprises are facing various challenges, it does not affect the capitals pursuit of this market.

According to public information, Xi Cha has obtained at least three rounds of financing since 2016, and Naixues tea has also received four rounds of financing since its establishment in 2015.

Recently, it has been reported that Xi Cha and Nai Xues tea will be listed in Hong Kong by the end of 2021, with an estimated fundraising amount of US $400-500 million. On the rumors of listing, Naixues tea side denied that there were plans at present, while the tea lovers did not make public clarification.

According to the report on the market prospect forecast and investment strategic planning of Chinas new tea industry from 2020 to 2025, the scale of Chinas new tea industry market is about 140.5 billion yuan. According to the data of the 2019 white paper on new tea consumption, the potential market size of Chinas new tea drinks will be about 50 billion yuan in 2020.

Affected by the epidemic situation, by the end of June 2020, the number of new tea shops in China was about 480000, a decrease of 20000 compared with the beginning of the year. The rapid expansion of new tea stores mainly comes from consumers substitution for conventional drinks and consumers demand for healthy tea.

It is worth noting that the report also revealed that there is no monopoly industry leader in Chinas new tea industry, and the market competition is mainly regional market competition. This indicates that there seems to be more potential in the market.