2020 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine announced

 2020 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine announced

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Harvey Artuff08 HarveyJ.Alter uff09American virologist, born in New York City, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester in 1956 and a medical degree from the University of Rochester in 1960. In 1964 and later Nobel laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg discovered the Australian antigen, which was later thought to be part of the hepatitis B virus. He also used animal models to study human immunodeficiency virus and identified hepatitis C virus. He was awarded the Lasker prize for clinical medicine research in 2000 and the galdena International Award in 2013.

Michael Houghton, a British biochemist, is involved in the development of hepatitis C testing. Horton received a bachelors degree from the University of East Anglia in 1972 and a doctorate in biology from Kings college, University of London, in 1977. He then worked at Searle research laboratory in Buckingham county and became head of non-A, non-B hepatitis division of heron in 1982.

Charles M. riceuff08 CharlesM.Rice uff09American virologist whose main research area is hepatitis C virus. Hes a professor of Virology at Rockefeller University. He and Ralf F. w. bartenschlager and MichaelJ.Sofia We jointly won the 2016 Lasker dibecki clinical medicine research award.

As the most prestigious award in the world for scientific and academic achievements, the list of Nobel laureates will be announced in the first ten days of October each year, and then the annual Nobel prize awarding dinner will be held on December 10, nearly two months later. December 10 is the anniversary of Nobels death. The annual Nobel prize awarding ceremony is held on this day.

On September 22, Lars heikenstein, chief executive officer of the Nobel Foundation, said the Nobel Foundation had decided to cancel the Nobel prize awarding ceremony, which was scheduled to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on December 10. Winners will not be invited to Stockholm as usual, but will receive awards in their respective countries.

Nobel laureates will be awarded Nobel medals and certificates at Swedish embassies in relevant countries or their research universities, and the ceremony will be broadcast live online at Stockholm City Hall.

The Nobel prize money comes from the interest or investment income of the fund established by Nobel. With the change of the income of the Nobel fund, the Nobel prize money fluctuates.

Nobel Prize winners in physiology or medicine in recent five years

In 2018, American immunologist James Allison and Japanese biologist bensuyou won the Nobel Prize for their contribution to the discovery of negative immunomodulatory therapy for cancer.

In 2017, three American scientists, Jeffrey hall, Michael rosbash and Michael young, won awards for their achievements in the study of the molecular mechanism of the operation of the biological clock.

In 2015, Tu Youyou, a Chinese female pharmacist, and William Campbell, an Irish scientist, and a Japanese scientist, Azumi, won awards for their achievements in the treatment of parasitic diseases. Tu youyou became the first mainland scientist to win the Nobel Prize in science, realizing the zero breakthrough of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for Chinese scientists.

Every year, the shortlist of Nobel Prize winners is highly confidential, and the nominees are also secret, which can not be disclosed to the public for 50 years. However, the prediction of Nobel prizes has been continuous, especially the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry and medicine, which represent the pinnacle of scientific achievements, and there are also some hot fields to win prizes every year.

The list of winners of citation laureate in 2020 has been announced a few days ago. Among the winners of this years scientific awards, molecular immunology, cancer treatment and nervous system diseases in the fields of Physiology or medicine have attracted much attention; the winners of the physics prize have made outstanding contributions in the fields of dark matter and new materials; the winners of the chemistry prize have won awards for their research in organic crystals and nano metals.

In the view of the scientific community, the award of Nobel Prize is not disorderly, each award has a relatively hot field. For example, physics awards are increasingly focused on particle physics, atomic and molecular photophysics, condensed matter physics and astrophysics.

Shi Yu, a professor of physics at Fudan University, said that the prediction before each award was a summary of scientific development in the past period of time. According to his analysis, this years Physics Nobel Prize is likely to be awarded to three scientists who have contributed to the development of condensed matter physics: Maximilian Haider (Austrian), Harald Rose (German) and Knut urban (Germany). The reason for the award is that the aberration correction electron microscope has been invented, which further improves the accuracy of observing atoms.

David penderbury, a senior analyst at correview, said he was optimistic about Carlos Frank of Durham University, Julio Navarro of Victoria University in Canada and Simon white, former director of Max Planck Institute of astrophysics, who are expected to rely on the formation of the galaxy, the structure of the universe and darkness He won the Nobel Prize in physics for his work in material research.

In terms of chemistry awards, according to the prediction of chem bark, DNA synthesis technology, CRISPR gene editing, metal organic materials, organic light-emitting semiconductor materials and so on have become hot topics. Among them, Edith flanigen, 91, who is famous for his research on zeolites, Omar Yaghi and makotofujita (2018 Wolf Prize for Chemistry) were nominated.

Timetable for the announcement of this years Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize concept unit

In recent years, every time a Nobel Prize is announced in the A-share market, some concept stocks will be hyped. For example, the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to the inventors of lithium batteries, and then the concept stocks of lithium batteries in the A-share market showed a wave of growth. In 2015, Tu youyou won the Nobel Prize in medicine, and then Fosun medicine, kunyao group and other qingsongsu concept stocks were popular in the market. In 2013, the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered the regulation mechanism of cell vesicle transport. Zhongyuan Xiehe and rongzhilian, the subjects of stem cells, have risen greatly, which has aroused the long-term attention of the market for stem cells and gene sequencing.

Kanghui Pharmaceutical (603139): the company plans to purchase 51% equity of Shandong Youbang Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Youbang) held by Xinsheng for 32.64 million yuan. Shandong Youbang is committed to the research and development of high-end pharmaceutical intermediates. At present, 11 invention patents have been authorized, and 19 invention patents have entered the substantive examination stage. The main products include anti blood cancer drug intermediates, anti hepatitis C drug intermediates, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drug intermediates, etc. The main operation modes are pharmaceutical intermediate production with independent intellectual property rights, CrO (commissioned contract research and development) and CMO (commissioned contract production).

Furui Co., Ltd. (300049): the company was established on November 26, 1998. Its main business includes drug production and sales in the field of liver diseases, research and development and sales of diagnostic equipment, and medical related services. The companys main product is Fufang Biejia Ruangan Tablet, which is the first anti liver fibrosis drug approved by the State Drug Administration. It belongs to the prescription drug in the national medical insurance catalogue. It is the first brand drug for anti liver fibrosis, with a wide market reputation. Its sales volume has always been the first in the field of professional anti liver fibrosis Chinese patent medicine, with a market share of more than 25%.

Yinhe Biology (000806): Yinhe pharmaceutical, a holding subsidiary, signed a contract with Shanghai Pasteur Research Institute to commission the development of hepatitis C whole person antibody drugs and hepatitis C vaccine.

Guangshengtang (300436): through independent research and development, cooperative development and industrial merger and acquisition, guangshengtang has formed a layout with nucleoside (acid) anti hepatitis B virus drugs as the core, covering the whole product line of liver health such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, fatty liver, liver cancer, liver protection and liver protection.

Kaine Technology (871226): the first complete oral scheme of hepatitis C pan genotype is formed by combining saibowei of Cain technology with kailiwei sword, an innovative drug of category 1 approved previously. The svr12 (a commonly used index for clinical trials of hepatitis C or a common indicator to measure the cure of hepatitis C) is as high as 97%, which is equivalent to the international first-line scheme. It will provide patients with better domestic new drug treatment options and benefit more hepatitis C patients.

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