RV changed the show to cinema. How can you still play horror movies?

 RV changed the show to cinema. How can you still play horror movies?

Isabelle Huppert at Hotel Vivier

Once upon a time, the founder, Mr. vivia, designed shoes for famous celebrities such as French legendary actress Catherine Deneuve and famous actor Marlene Dietrich. Today, brand creative director Gherardo Felloni also draws inspiration from movies. I like all kinds of movies, comedies, tragedies, thrillers and so on. In my opinion, there is a close relationship between Roger vivia and actresses, especially French actresses. Their femininity and distinctive personality always inspire me. This season, I decided to interweave all kinds of films and present an immersive Hotel Vivier film theme museum for the audience.

In the form of games, the audience will follow Isabels guidance and enter into different image spaces to solve mysteries and obtain the secret key to the ending. The right choice will lead to the next level, and the wrong choice will return.

The hotel Vivier film theme museum borrows the idea of David Lynch. In the crime scene, Yu Peier imitates Bette Davis in La boudoir and thinks about where the key is? Whats in the silver plate? As the scene changes, Isabel appears in the theater dressing room with the theme of comedy. The drawer at hand is her next problem. She asks us in front of the screen how to make the next decision.

What happens when we go through all the adventures? Thats the treasure house! said gladly.

A garden of Eden full of fruits, flowers and dream cakes, which blends with Roger vivias spring and summer 2021 series, the vivid hand-painted flower decoration is the highlight of this process.

Roger Vivier spring / summer 2021

At the end of the film, Yu Peier wanders in the treasure, all of which are as unforgettable as the heroine in the classic movie. Extension reading fashion = not environmental protection? The 79 year old empress dowager of the West appeared on the stage to shoot a large advertisement. It is indeed a new trend evolution of Paris Fashion Week in 2021 spring and summer after punk godmother epidemic. Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921