Hurry! Danger! On the steepest section of the Great Wall, a boy was injured, how to get down?

 Hurry! Danger! On the steepest section of the Great Wall, a boy was injured, how to get down?

On the morning of October 5, on the steepest part of Xiangshui lake, more than 80 degrees, firefighters used this seemingly frightening but very safe way to carry a 7-year-old boy weighing more than 60 Jin safely off the Great Wall.

At about 10:30 today, the Yingbin Road fire rescue station received a police report that a boy was injured and trapped in the great wall of Xiangshui Lake in Huairou District, and a truck of five people was dispatched from the fire station to deal with it.

At about 11:40, the officers and men began to climb the mountain with stretchers, ropes and other rescue equipment. To get to the place where the child is trapped, we need to go down a section of the Great Wall first, and then go up a section of the Great Wall. We are about a kilometer away from two points. We carry our equipment on foot and rush, and we will arrive at the place where the child is trapped in 20 minutes. Yingbin Road Fire Rescue Station Deputy Station Chief Wang Jie said.

When the officers and men arrived, a 120 medical staff was examining the childs injury. The childs head was knocked up, and there were some skin injuries on the back and legs. Wang Jie said, the childs rolling steps are more than 10 meters high. Fortunately, the childrens clothes are thick. According to the preliminary judgment of the medical staff, the child did not show any fracture.

So, a fireman used a knot to fix the child on his back. He was afraid that the child would have fear. He also put on an eye mask. Other firefighters anchored at the top of the mountain and built a cable landing system with ropes and a descent device. Finally, firefighters with their children on their backs walked down the rope, step by step, down the Great Wall.

If you look up from the foot of the mountain, its really frightening for firefighters to step back to the great wall instead of looking at the road ahead. But Wang Jie told reporters that this method is very safe. With the help of gravity, it can save the physical strength of the commanders and soldiers, and better protect children from secondary injury.

The boy was injured at the top of the Great Wall

After the next section of the Great Wall, the commanders and fighters used the rope rescue system to climb the Great Wall. They carried the boy weighing more than 60 Jin up and down. More than half an hour later, at about 13 oclock, the commanders and fighters escorted the children to the entrance of the scenic spot safely and delivered them to the hospital by the 120 ambulance.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }This afternoon, the parents of the child told me that after the hospital examination, the childs body was not seriously affected except for slight skin injury Wang Jie said, we are relieved. Huairou firefighters provide photos and videos. Source: Beijing daily client editor: Liu Xiaowu_ NN4113

This afternoon, the childs parents told me that the child after the hospital examination, in addition to a slight skin injury, the body is not a big obstacle. Wang Jie said, we are relieved.