Winning the championship ugly image makes Chen Zhonghe furious, he is the one who leads the womens volleyball team to climb out of the lowest ebb!

 Winning the championship ugly image makes Chen Zhonghe furious, he is the one who leads the womens volleyball team to climb out of the lowest ebb!

Born peace and tenacity

Chen Zhonghes childhood memories are an old street in Shima town. The peoples Liberation Army also walked through this street when they liberated Longhai. After the reform and opening up, the old streets have been preserved and the old looks have changed, but they still have the authentic flavor of Southern Fujian.

Chen Zhonghes father worked as a sailor and chief engineer, supporting the whole familys expenses alone. Chen Zhonghe is the youngest of the four brothers and sisters, and little son naturally receives more love. In Southern Fujian, there is a saying that grandparents love great grandchildren, father and mother love children, brothers and sisters let younger brothers and sisters, which is also the meaning.

The elder brothers name is Zhonghe, and the younger brothers name is Zhonghe. His father hopes that when the brothers grow up, they will be loyal, dedicated and treat others peacefully. Chen Zhonghe wrote in his recollection: I uphold the family tradition, have a loyal and peaceful personality; at the same time, I do not easily admit defeat.

This is also the regional character of belligerent and not admit defeat in Southern Fujian. Even if the cockfight is scarred, it is necessary to fight again. By coincidence, Chen Zhonghe is a chicken.

Contact with volleyball, the earliest because his father is also a volleyball fan, often take Chen Zhonghe to the park to watch volleyball games. Encouraged by his father, Chen Zhonghe became the main force of the school volleyball team in primary school. By the middle school, Chen Zhonghe has been addicted to volleyball. It happens that his elder sister and brother-in-law are both in Longhai No.2 Middle School. Chen Zhonghe also transferred to join the school team and receive professional volleyball training. It is at this stage that Chen Zhonghe has laid a standard basic skill. Volleyball also helped Chen Zhonghe grow up. In middle school, Chen Zhonghe was a big man with slender limbs.

The big heart of Chen Zhonghe, the little man

Chen Zhonghe, who had excellent talent, was soon selected to the Zhangzhou volleyball team. He met coach Xu Lianpu, the first generation of Chinese players. Chen Zhonghe was fascinated by Xus experience of entering the national team all the way from Longhai. Coach Xu made a demonstration of each persons situation and patiently explained the technical essentials. I cant forget the spirit of his obsession with volleyball and his practical training style. All these foreshadows Chen Zhonghes future coaching style.

In the winter of 1976, Yuan Weimin became the coach of Chinese womens volleyball team, and Chen Zhonghe graduated from high school. But because he was not tall enough, he couldnt get into the professional team. At that time, there was no free man rule in volleyball. He can only go up to the mountains and go to the countryside.

One year later, fate changed. The second team of Fujian youth mens volleyball team was short of people. It happened that the head coach Xu Xitong had seen Chen Zhonghes game and wanted to borrow him to play national games. Chen Zhonghe seized the opportunity to show his own characteristics in the limited playing time. After several turnover, he successfully stayed in the team.

In the era of no free man rules, Chen Zhonghe can only be a substitute, actively deliver water and towels to his teammates. After hard work, his net jump reached 100 cm, but many people asserted that he was too short to be in a team. At that time, Fujian first team, gathered Wang Jiawei, Zheng Zongyuan, Xuzhen, Guo Ming and other national players, basically half of the national team.

I dont care. I try my best every time I try. Xu Wenxin and his small man won slowly. In the training, Chen Zhonghe laughingly said that he was the worst, a person in the back row individual training, far more difficult than the competition.

In 1978, the State Sports Commission officially mobilized volleyball to win the world championship. Yuan Weimin proposed that the powerful mens team should accompany them to forge the Chinese womens volleyball team. After watching Chen Zhonghes performance in the National Games, Yuan Weimin gave Chen Zhonghe the opportunity to wear a shirt with China printed on it. In that year, Chen Zhonghe was 22 years old.

At first, Chen Zhonghe was seconded to China Womens volleyball team for 45 days. Who could have foreseen that the relationship with the womens volleyball team would be over for nearly 30 years.

This team is the birthplace of the womens volleyball spirit which is talked about now. Chen Zhonghe recalled that he also slowly realized that the extremely hard training and super strict management in those years were actually the tempering of the will. In a sense, what is the spirit of the womens volleyball team? Chen Zhonghe is one of the most influential people.

Under strict training, the gentle Chen Zhonghe has become the outlet of the womens volleyball girls. For example, when picking up the ball, I deliberately pretended to be careless and took the ball and threw it at me. I looked at my inexplicable appearance after being smashed, but pretended that nothing had happened, and then I laughed

Or, coach Yuan Weimin asked the girls to play stick people game . The whole team (always) regarded me as a female player. Others could stick it on me, but I was embarrassed to lean on them, so I was often punished. They said with a smile, director Chen, you are a woman, do you know?

Now looking back at these things, it is not so much a trick as a fighting friendship within the team. Chen Zhonghes gentleness and willingness have convinced the girls.

Athletes are so hard, they practice at the base all day. Every time I practice, I get purple lips, hair and sweat all over my body I think, Im a companion. Its OK to be tired and bitter. After 45 days, most of them returned to the team after work. Yuan Weimin found Chen Zhonghe: the team is ready to leave you.

By the way, theres no recollection of eating drumsticks.

Give me more time

At first, Chen Zhonghe could only watch TV at home because of the quota limit for going abroad. its the hardest part, he said.

The old womens volleyball team is the hero group I admire. In my mind, they will always be the model for me to learn.

With the retirement of Lang Ping, Liang Yan and others, the Chinese womens volleyball team has been out of the championship since the end of the 1980s, and has fallen into a 20-year low. During this period, Lang Ping led the team to win the silver medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the second runner up of the 13th womens Volleyball World Championship, the two closest to the championship.

In an exclusive interview with a media many years later, Chen Zhonghe recalled: when my superiors talked to me, I also recommended Hu Jin. If you fall down, give me another chance.

The leader asked if you have confidence. Chen Zhonghe recalled: of course I have confidence. I think I should be the most suitable time

There is a saying in Minnan Dialect: you can see what you like, but you cant think of it yourself.

He appeared low-key, low-key selection, low-key office. I still remember that year when he just took office and faced the media in public, he showed a signboard smile: give me more time.

Looking back on those years, he wrote in his recollection that no matter what you do, you should say less and do more, keep a normal heart and let nature take its course. He slowly knew where the Chinese womens volleyball team lost in the end, had the clue, set up a brand-new Chinese womens volleyball team.

27 rules for womens Volleyball

Give priority to the new and promote the new with the old, Chen Zhonghe formed a team based on this concept, and made clear the strict training requirements for large amount of exercise. From his first training in April 2001 to the Athens Olympic Games in the summer of 2004, he had only three years to complete team building, running in and improving.

It takes courage to use new people, because they will inevitably have to pay tuition fees. For example, he chose Feng Kun, who was tall and tall, as a setter, and was ridiculed by the outside world as blind to mountains.. But Chen Zhonghe firmly believes in the importance of air supremacy in modern volleyball and believes that training can improve or even transform the players skills.

The 27 items include: coaches and athletes are not allowed to answer and make phone calls, receive visitors, mobile phones and pagers can not be brought into the training ground, lunch break and night time must be turned off; team members should wear uniform clothes, can not wear accessories, cant dye hair, leave strange hair; cant waste food, be polite to fans.

The most powerful of the rules is that the coach must abide by it together with the athletes.

The head coachs task is to grasp the overall situation, maximize the cohesion of everyone together, strong forging, in order to turn into a sword in the game, a scabbard attack.

During the first military training in Chenzhou, the whole team visited the primary school in poor mountainous areas. They saw that the children carried their rations to school. They only brought a bottle of pickled vegetables from home every week, and several people crowded one bed to sleep. Deeply moved, the team members saved 50000 yuan to buy Stationery and prepaid one years tuition. I dont know if 19 years later, these children still remember.

[encounter the storm of letting the ball after the first appearance of extraordinary events

Chen Zhonghe led the team to win Japan and Cuba when he made his debut in the four nation tournament as coach. Since then, in Taicang of Jiangsu Province and Songjiang of Shanghai, he led the team to win seven battles and six victories. Yang Hao, Zhou Suhong, song Nina, Liu Yanan and others performed well. At the end of the year, the Chinese womens volleyball team swept all the Asian teams and won the Asian championship. His double free man tactics are still popular with many volleyball players.

From the outside world, Chen Zhonghes gentle character has been criticized by the outside world. But in fact, Chen Zhonghe, who was particularly strict in training, scolded and cried many players.

As the worlds top player, Lai Yawen failed to win a championship in his career. As an assistant, she accepted the invitation and helped Chen Zhonghe in every detail. In 2003, she finally put on a late gold medal. The Chinese womens volleyball team, which has been choked for more than 10 years, has finally climbed out of the trough. Chinese volleyball finally burst out of the water and took a strong breath of oxygen.

Chen Zhonghes biggest question is probably the let the ball storm of substituting lineups at the world championships. However, in fact, the choice of the Chinese womens volleyball team in those years did not exceed the rules, and there was no negative competition.

But at that time, this matter gave Chen Zhonghe and his team a lot of public opinion pressure. In the dimension beyond the rule level, it is not surprising that the result of being in dispute. Chen Zhonghe himself also made a reflection. In that competition, the Chinese womens volleyball team entered the top four and completed the pre competition task, but it was only the fourth place in the end.

At the end of that year, people thought Chen Zhonghe or the Chinese womens volleyball team would be criticized by their superiors, but none of this happened. Chen Zhonghe may be relieved, but the direction of public opinion is not so easy to calm down.

It was said that after the incident, the relationship between womens volleyball players and coaches dropped to a freezing point. But in fact, on the Mid Autumn Festival after returning home, the womens volleyball girls specially ordered a bunch of flowers and a big cake to give Chen Zhonghe a huge surprise.

Zhou Suhong wrote: there are so many people who love you. You are the happiest person in the world! The Mid Autumn Festival is actually Chen Zhonghes birthday. At that time, Chen Zhonghe, who was under great pressure, did not even intend to celebrate with anyone.

He wrote in his memory: at that time, I seemed to see the pure and sincere hearts of the team members beating. After blowing out the candle, my nose became sour and I walked away quickly. I know that if I stay for another minute, tears may come down.

After hiding away, I face the sky alone and ask myself: what good girls! What should I do? What should Chinese womens volleyball team do now?

[Athens wins the championship and creates miracles

The 2004 Athens Olympic Games is the most important campaign for Chen Zhonghe to lead the Chinese womens volleyball team. Winning the world cup didnt make the Chinese womens volleyball team the most popular in the Olympic Games.

In order to simulate the Olympic Games, he learned that it was an hours drive from the Athens Olympic village to the volleyball field, and decided to take the whole team for an hours bus ride before each warm-up.

Many people dont know how difficult the Olympic Games were. Not only did the Chinese womens volleyball team focus on each opponent, but also famous general Zhao ruiruirui was injured for half a year. In the final, he was 0:2 behind, and everyone knew the adversity before the big counterattack.

The title of smiling coach is just the deepest memory left by Chen Zhonghe to the whole world after this classic final. Facing the desperate situation, Chen Zhonghe did not like the old fans in the eyes of karpoli as excited, he is still a gentle smile. If gentleness is the sword, Chen Zhonghe has successfully removed the last burden on the womens volleyball team.

[2008s regret: the responsibility lies with me

Today, all Chinese volleyball fans may sigh that Athens Olympic championship is a great surprise, and Beijing Olympic Games failed to win the championship is too big regret.

Injury is an objective problem that Chen Zhonghe has to face in two years after Athens. He has also reflected on the way he trains, but standing at the peak of 2004, he can never assume an if: if he doesnt win the championship in 2004? If you have to assume, the best way is: if the golden generation accompanies him to fight until the end.

He had to use new people, but it turned out that running in was not easy. Chen Zhonghe has recalled the Beijing Olympic Games on many occasions. People talk about his dismal departure from the military post, but it is rare for him to be censured.

In fact, I am more confident than Athens in Beijing Olympic Games. If I think the probability of winning the championship is 49-51, then Beijing is 51-49. The players played very well. Its a pity that I didnt do a good job. The responsibility lies with me

Some people said that the Beijing Olympic Games only got the third place to Chen Zhonghe. But where are the Ever Victorious generals?

[if you love to fight, you will win

Lang Ping said that Chen Zhonghes greatest success lies in his ability to dig out more than 20 years of teaching experience and embody it on the field.

Chen Zhonghe has been fighting in the front line for more than 20 years. For most of his time, he was a witness of the spirit of the womens volleyball team and an unknown cultivator. When the Chinese womens volleyball team was in trouble, he was appointed by the defeated army and ordered to be in danger. From the fifth consecutive crown to todays LANGPING era, he has made great contributions.

Its hard to say that Chen Zhonghe represents the spirit of the womens volleyball team, but his experience and story are the best angle to interpret the spirit of the womens volleyball team. As sun JinFang said: the spirit of womens volleyball is not a representative of any individual, but the spirit of a nation. As experienced, we not only need to maintain it, but also hope to inherit it from generation to generation. No matter what happens, the spirit of the womens volleyball team will not disappear.

My daughter-in-law has become a mother-in-law for many years,

Its a world shaking wave.

Talent Chen Zhonghe!

Winning the championship is different from that of Chinese womens volleyball players: he infected my son and Serbia ATP with virus: he urged players to keep social distance strictly and put safety in the first place in the second round. Djokovic announced: the new crown test results of my wife and I are all positive. Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Wang MuQing, editor in charge: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806

Winning the championship is different from that of the Chinese womens volleyball team