How can a woman really hold a mans heart

 How can a woman really hold a mans heart

For women, if you want to really catch a mans heart, you might as well start from the following aspects.

1. It can give men more security

If you are half hearted to a man, you can leave or abandon him at any time, and you dont want him to be responsible for you. The reason why a man is insecure is because you dont want to keep your promise and you never open your heart to him.

If you dont want to lose a mans heart, you have to keep your word. You dont give up your promise to a man easily. Once you have promised him something, you should try to find a way to do it. If you break your promise and you lie to a man, he will not believe you easily, and you will find it hard to hold his heart.

Therefore, if a woman wants to really grasp a mans heart, you should fully satisfy his sense of security. You should let him feel that you really like and care about him. You are worthy of reliance and trust. Otherwise, no matter how much a man loves you, he may gradually alienate and neglect you.

2. Willing to accompany men through ups and downs

Life is full of all kinds of ups and downs, twists and turns. If you want to really hold or retain a mans heart, you should never leave him alone. No matter what kind of ups and downs he will encounter in the future, you should firmly guard by his side.

If you are not willing to accompany a man to go through the ups and downs, whenever there is a little bit of wind and grass in the relationship, you cant help but retreat. You are not willing to accompany him to find a way to solve difficulties, or to accompany him to bear pressure together, then you will be very difficult to really grasp a mans heart.

The reason why a man cant forget you and cant give up is that you are willing to contribute selflessly for him. You will not reserve him, and you will not be too stingy to him.

Therefore, if you want to really grasp a mans heart, you should pay attention not to despise and alienate him easily, you should be able to accompany him to experience all kinds of challenges and hardships in life.

3. Give men the help they can

As the saying goes, adversity is a friend. Everyones life can not always be smooth, let alone once and for all. When a man is in trouble or in trouble, if you can give him the help and warm encouragement he can do, he may be more grateful to you, and he cant help worrying about you.

People cant get along without mutual support and help. When you want to be recognized by a man, you should be good at observing his life. When his life is in trouble, you should not let him die, but you should help him in a timely manner.

When a man is in a helpless situation, you are willing to give up everything for him, you are willing to pay all things for him, including precious time and emotion, you are willing to give him meticulous care and touching company, then he may have deep feelings for you.

No matter how strong or powerful a man looks on the outside, he will be more or less vulnerable and helpless in his heart. When he feels powerless or helpless, if you are willing to take the initiative to give him a hand, you are willing to offer everything for him in silence, and you are willing to go all out to help him get out of trouble, then you are likely to move his heart.

Women want to catch a mans heart is actually very simple, nothing more than four words: heart to heart. When a man needs help, you never mean your enthusiasm. If you are willing to give him a warm helping hand at the first time, he will naturally be full of gratitude and gratitude for you, and he may fall in love with you.

In short, if a woman wants to really hold a mans heart, you may need to pay great efforts and sacrifice.

For example, if you want to sacrifice your spare time, you may need to spend a lot of time and energy to accompany him, you also need to give him the necessary tolerance and understanding, you need to know how to transpose thinking, and so on.

If your usual attitude towards a man is too arrogant or strong, and you are not willing to put yourself in his place or show his warm and thoughtful side to him, then no matter how much he loves you, he may be disgusted and disliked for you, and the distance between you will become more and more distant.

When you want to catch a mans heart, you should first recognize whether he really likes and cares about you. If the person you love doesnt love you, no matter how good you are to him. After all, you can never wake up a man who pretends to be asleep.

If you realize that a mans heart is not in you for a long time, he has made it clear that he does not want to continue with you, and he wants to break up with you, then you should stop all kinds of dogged attacks on him. You should learn to let go and stop loss in time.