Is there any difference in the development of students from famous schools and ordinary schools? Understand these three hidden rules, the more mixed the better

 Is there any difference in the development of students from famous schools and ordinary schools? Understand these three hidden rules, the more mixed the better

On the contrary, the expectation of ordinary school students is that the starting point is low. They climb slowly. When they climb to the mountainside, they just meet the famous students who collapse from the top of the mountain, and then suddenly highlight the ordinary students. Leaders and colleagues will think that the students from ordinary schools are reliable, but those from famous schools are not. We are disappointed. The expected value trap is very harmful. Obviously, it is from 100 points to 90 points, but the evaluation value drops to 60 points. When the general school students climb from 60 to 80, they will be magnified to 120.

Therefore, for famous school students, we must strengthen the management of other peoples expectations of you from the beginning, and keep the expectation curve rising slowly, with the slope slightly higher than that of ordinary school students. Dont enlarge the recruitment at the beginning, stretch the string too full and lift up the expectations of others. It is easy to fall into the expectation trap eventually. If this problem is well managed, the development of famous school students is better than that of ordinary school students.

u30102u3011 The second unspoken rule: be good at spillover effect management and improve the general ability.

Famous school students are characterized by strong academic ability and high IQ. After entering the workplace, they will also form path dependence. They naively believe that as long as they study business and improve their work level, gold will shine sooner or later. In fact, the system focuses on public management, and the standard of post competency is not too high. The general undergraduate can be competent, and the ability of famous college students has a certain spillover effect on the post competency standard. For example, if the post competency score is 60 points, the general school students can reach 60 points, and the famous school students may reach 80 points. In fact, the spillover of these 20 points has no practical significance and is not positively related to the improvement of job performance.

On the basis of post competency, the weight of general workplace competence will be greatly increased. The general capabilities within the system include the ability to summarize and refine, the ability to synthesize words, the ability to express language, the ability to organize and coordinate, the ability to publicize and launch, and the ability to handle complex problems. A lot of work within the system is basically a big cycle of implementation, summary and refinement, official document writing, coordination of asking for instructions, and promotion of publicity. Those who can accurately grasp the intention of the superior, accurately implement (handle matters to the point), be good at summarizing and refining experience and typical examples, can write beautiful official documents, ask for instructions and coordination in all aspects, and promote the image of the propaganda units leaders, they are easy to stand out.

Famous school students should overcome their own path dependence, consolidate their own long board, and make up for their own shortcomings. Some famous school students like to focus on the overflow ability of 20 points, and think that they are good at doing their jobs above 80 points. As a matter of fact, the superior requires 60 points for the post work, and hopes that you can use the 20 points to improve the general ability. However, many famous students do not understand this truth, and even despise the general ability. On the contrary, it is the students of ordinary schools who work hard on general ability and grow faster than those of famous schools.

u30103u3011 The third hidden rule: be good at EQ Management and know how to behave and do things.

The workplace ecology in the system is completely different from that outside the system. The weight of profitability outside the system is very high, while the weight of being a person and doing things and being worldly wise in the system is very high. The mobility of personnel in the system is poor. In a relatively closed regional workplace ecology, most people have to stay for a lifetime. In the closed workplace ecology, if we want to develop well, climb high and go far, we need to get support from all aspects, and the key is to get the recognition of being a person and doing things. Youre not likely to be sustainable if you dont pass the test.

In fact, the workplace ecology within the system is in the form of cylindrical package. For example, for someone in a certain Bureau, the ecological cylinder of the workplace is composed of two levels of leaders, subordinate management objects, and related circles formed around the business. The more professional the post is, the smaller the radius of the cylinder is, the more comprehensive the post is and the larger the radius is. Your career and career development, depending on the top half, bottom half and periphery of this cylinder, only serves to promote or pull back.

The selection and appointment mechanism within the system is divided into the main procedures of brewing motion, initiating scheme, democratic recommendation, organizing investigation, meeting research, publicity, announcement and so on. The core and key procedure is the brewing of motions. What do you mean? To promote a person, the right of initial nomination is in the hands of the main leaders. The main leaders propose to promote who, in the brewing process, after separately soliciting the opinions of the leaders in charge, they can initiate the organizational investigation. Without the initial nomination of the main leader, the promotion process cannot be initiated.

If you understand the promotion process within the system, especially the ownership of the initial nomination right, you will know how important it is to be a person and do things. To get the initial nomination from the superior, you must win the recognition of the superior in advance. The cylindrical workplace you are in is actually the ecology that you spend your whole life in. It encapsulates all the workplace rules and social rules, and also encapsulates all the sophistication of the world. With the rise of the position, the weight of EQ is getting higher and higher.

If famous students want to develop well and promote quickly, it depends on two links: the first link is that the main leaders should appreciate you, nominate you and move you. During this period, the leaders in charge have the right to recommend and communicate. The second step is to organize the inspection to pass the examination. There is no fatal objection to the section of the cylinder you are in.

In the first link, to win the appreciation of the main leaders, in addition to working ability (there is little difference between famous and ordinary students) and general ability, it also needs a high level of Eq. For example, loyalty, obedience, gratitude, trust, comfort, all aspects of EQ elements should be in place.

In the second link, to avoid opposition, obstruction factors, in addition to your ability to do things, more reflected in your conduct and work.

The aura of famous students is a double-edged sword to Eq. If you can handle the dialectical relationship between work ability and emotional intelligence, you can fly together. If we strengthen our work ability unilaterally, ignore the EQ construction, rely on our talents, stand on our own, stand on our own, do things openly, be proud of ourselves, do not move about human feelings, and be modest and low-key, we will have a greater reaction force.