Positioning higher than uni-t, Changan gravity new car will be the first launch of Guangzhou Auto Show

 Positioning higher than uni-t, Changan gravity new car will be the first launch of Guangzhou Auto Show

Looking back on the sequence of Changan uni and the first vehicle model uni-t, uni is derived from the first three letters of the English word unique, which means unique and special. T represents the T-type youth with geek spirit. The first stroke of the T letter - represents a wide range of knowledge, the second stroke of the T letter I indicates expertise in a certain field, and the Chinese name gravity is inspired by the English list The word attraction means attraction.

Uni stands for walking with independent thinker, breaking the stereotype, exploring the future of automobile and its future with imagination, endowing automobile with wisdom and life, and becoming a partner who understands you better. With an open attitude to connect with the world, so that each individual has a unique future.

Judging from the appearance of vision-v concept car, the front face still adopts boundless grille and parametric design language, which is very sci-fi. The grille on the front face also has the effect of breathing lamp, which can interact with vehicle owners through AI. It is said that the new car uses a large number of spacecraft design elements, as well as aircraft engine type radar and wing type kits, highlighting the sense of science and technology.

In terms of interior decoration, the concept car adopts the minimalist design style of new Bauhaus, and is equipped with an integrated through screen (supercontinuus screen). The interior of the car is more like the cockpit of an airplane, full of the flavor of science fiction. The new cars intelligent AI system will not be limited to vehicle owner interaction, but also include deep interaction such as active safety system, officials said.

From the known parameters, the wheelbase of the vision-v concept car is about 2800 mm, and the vehicle length is expected to exceed 4900 mm. In terms of power, it is estimated that new mass-produced vehicles in the future are expected to be equipped with 2.0T engine and match 8at transmission.


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