Where are all the local tyrants in the circle of friends?

 Where are all the local tyrants in the circle of friends?

Reporter Zheng Cuiying

Many friends in the circle of friends who sun their photos abroad during the National Day holiday this year have changed to showing off the snow mountain and mountain road in Tibet, the Jiner Lake in Dongtai in Qinghai, the full table of local vegetables in a small town in Yunnan, or the water sports in Sanya, Hainan Province.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the number of people traveling on National Day has not recovered to the same period last year, but the consumption power of high-end outbound tourists in the past is turning to China. They avoid the crowded Huangshan and Leshan Giant Buddha, looking for a way of travel that is not blocked and disturbing, and can obtain Maslows high-level needs.

In a Ctrip store in Beijing, the guest ordered a room of 4999 in a hotel in gubeishui town for three nights. The guest said that there were a lot of people on national day. In recent years, they preferred to stay in a hotel with good experience and relax completely, instead of rushing between the major scenic spots.

Shanxi one travel Bestone store has created a five-day Sanya sea trip for six big and two small guests, with a cost of nearly 70000 yuan. Shanxi customers who placed the order said that they were located in the inland, and they were eager to see the blue sea and blue sky, take advantage of the national day to take their children to see the sea and enjoy the seafood feast, and they could also buy and buy at Sanya duty-free shop.

Some guests choose to stagger the peak of National Day travel. For example, recently, stores in Shanghai and Beijing have jointly accepted customers. About 200 people will go to Zhejiang for leisure and vacation at the beginning of next month.

This year, 90% of the domestic customized customers in our stores were transferred from outbound customers in previous years. Luo Jianwei, head of Chongqing travel Bestone store, told the interface news.

The more affluent consumers directly exchange money for a luxurious and non crowded travel route. On September 17, a high-end customized itinerary with a unit price of 268000 yuan was officially sent out, which was completed two days before the national day. It has become a large-scale consumption to stimulate the exciting points of this years tourism circle.

The 11 guests from Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai went to Xian to gather. They took private planes to travel around five cities in China. During the trip, they tasted state banquet class meals, experienced less than 100 pieces of Xixia carving in the world, star watching under the leadership of the chairman of the Association for astronomy and science popularization, and private visits to museums. Even the terracotta warriors and horses that public tourists can see, the explanations they heard came from A researcher level expert.

In addition, due to the background of the epidemic, the middle-class consumers are wary of viruses and strangers sharing the same table and car, which makes the private customization group usher in a small outbreak. The term private group is different from group tour and customized tour. In the products with complete itinerary planning, a single order forms a group. Members of the group are often relatives and friends, and there are no strangers.

The form of private groups has broken the group tour and changed the supply chain of tourism products. For example, if you travel in a 5-seat car, you can avoid the public attractions and go to a small number of high-end destinations; instead of going to a restaurant that provides group meals, you can go to a higher quality local restaurant. There can also be themes, such as food, parents and children, photography. Peng Liang said. After the recovery of cross provincial tourism in summer, the number of private group tourists and products has increased rapidly, with the per capita cost of RMB 45000.

The smaller and more purposeful sports tourism participants also turn their destinations into domestic ones.

During the golden week, 133 young athletes participated in the 2020 China youth golf elite competition held on Dongyu Island, Boao. Their parents or relatives accompanied them to Dongyu island resort to prepare for the game. When they were free, they rented cars or chartered cars to stroll on the island for leisure vacation. The parking lot near the golf course was full. In order to ease the tense atmosphere of the competition, Zhongxin Bo Rui held a family friendship competition for the participating families.

The urban middle class, who feel confident in their driving skills, fell in love with RV this year.

The rental companys RV was rented out very early, and there was no car to rent at one time. Wang Xudong, the founder of Xudongs RV game, told interface news that some people who like RV had already reserved RV for the National Day holiday as early as August.

People find that the threshold for self driving is not that high. The C1 and C2 drivers license can be used to drive the RV that can be rented by the leasing company. Before going on the road, you need to receive half an hour to 40 minutes of training. The RV can be parked in the campsite or scenic area with infrastructure. In addition, the height limit on the driving route can be seen on the map of Gaode. The fees for toll stations and gas stations are the same as those for cars.

You just need to pay attention to the height limit and vehicle width on the road, and dont discharge sewage at will, look for sewers for treatment. Wang Xudong said.

Rent a RV (do not buy a package trip including the RV schedule), the price is more than 1500 yuan a day. After the epidemic, the awareness and market heat of RV have increased. Yang Rui, the person in charge of Ctrip theme RV and self driving tour, told the interface news that the current number of RV in China, including those privately owned and put into the rental market, is more than 100000, of which about 6000 vehicles with operation qualification have been put into the tourism and rental market. During the national day, almost all the RV available for tourism rental by these platform suppliers will go out and run on the way.

More RV companies, most of the cars to the northwest. Yang Rui said. On the northwest Gansu Qinghai Ring Road, which is most popular with RV renters, people drive for about 7 to 9 days to see Chaka Salt Lake, Dongtai jinar lake and devils eye. In some remote areas, the lack of good hotels, RV can solve the accommodation, and convenient to see the sunrise and sunset in the scenic area. But if its deeper into autumn, the housing cars in the northwest may not be warm enough, Yang said.

In addition, the citys surrounding RV tours also attract many people who dont want to travel far away. The three or four-day journey from Beijing to the suburbs of Beijing, Hebei and Inner Mongolia grassland is very hot.

Comprehensive mature campsites around Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing suburbs are scheduled to be hot. For example, Shanghai Dijia RV camp, Zhejiang Anji yehuanyuan camp, Qiandao Lake Shilin Yiju RV camp, Changzhou Taihu Bay camp, Nantong Kaisha island Tuju camp, Beijing Sunshine Valley camp are all fully reserved for the National Day holiday. These campsites are not only for recreational vehicles, but also for rental cars and private cars. The RV campsites around Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou are relatively mature, with complete supporting facilities, some near the beautiful scenery and outdoor experience projects, so they are very popular with middle-class families in cities. Yang Rui said.

The number of car rental travelers on Ctrip during the National Day this year was 10% more than that in the same period last year. Some people rent a car, others compete with others to join a fleet of off-road vehicles. Among them, the highest unit price of a car rental order, with a total price of nearly 30000 yuan, lasted from October 2 to October 20, driving a four-wheel drive SUV from Xining to Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia.