Japanese husband and wife live in seclusion in the mountains and woods. They have to make their own fire and water to take a bath

 Japanese husband and wife live in seclusion in the mountains and woods. They have to make their own fire and water to take a bath

However, when you are old, you can still think about it. After all, after watching the happy life of the Japanese couple in the mountains, you cant envy your family.

In the mountains in the suburb of Tokyo, there is a small wooden house. Although the husband and wife have been married for 20 years and are both self-employed, there are great differences in work contents and working hours. In the past, they often quarrel because of lack of communication. It wasnt until six years ago that they chose to flee the city and make the most of it. When life no longer drives you to run forward, it shows a comfortable side.

Husband yumiyazau is also a famous Japanese photographer. The main works are artifacts, buildings and houses, and the works are often published in the old Japanese magazines. The famous architect, Mr. zhongmurakami, has been filming his architectural works in Yugong for more than ten years.

This special two-story cabin, called sweet home in the mountains, takes only 40 minutes to drive to Shinjuku. The space is not very big. The upper and lower floors are 74 square meters in total. The first floor is the living room and studio, kitchen, bathroom, the second floor is the bedroom and study, storage room, like a warm little world.

Living room and public Studio: living room layout is very simple, clean white wall with log furniture, is a simple small warm. In the most central position, only the dining table and chairs are placed, making the whole space very open. Because when Mr. Yugong wants to shoot, he will take away all the furniture, leaving only one white wall as the background, so the living room has to work as a studio from time to time.

Corridor: because Mrs. Yugong is engaged in flower art, there must be many places to accommodate flowers in this job of dealing with flowers. There is a long corridor from the porch to the East and the West. The whole space is circularly ventilated. The corridor space is cool enough for storing food materials and placing flowers. It is just right.

Study: Yu Gong and his wife are very fond of work. They have their own study on the first and second floor of the wooden house. The patio design allows two people to share time while doing their own work. When you hear the click of your mouse or the sound of opening the paper downstairs, your wife will know what you are doing.

Kitchen: Both husband and wife are lovers of food, wine and utensils, so the kitchen becomes another small space for them at home. The cupboard is a collection of handmade utensils from all over the country, matching different dishes every day.

Even in the cupboard, Mrs. Yugong carefully put flowers on the table. Life is really beautiful and comfortable.

Bathroom: the bathroom of husband and wife is very special, because they both like to take a hot spring. They hope to have a bathtub that can make their own fire and heat water to take a bath. So we built an iron bath with a brick stove on the outside. We put wood in it and we could boil water.