Beijings first wave of red leaves has come! There are six good places waiting for you!

 Beijings first wave of red leaves has come! There are six good places waiting for you!

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On September 25, Beijing Datong riverside park officially opened. The park is located in the location of DongBianMen and Datong bridge in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is an urban forest park with natural interest, history and culture. Among them, the landscape node of Datong reminiscence reproduces the historical landscape of looking at the grain on the Datong bridge, displays the culture of the Grand Canal, and draws people back to the past and recites the present.

The park is distributed in a belt with a total area of 8.9 hectares. Its autumn. When you step into the garden, the noise beside your ears will disappear instantly. Along the fitness trail about 3.3 km long, you will find Liriodendron chinense, Aesculus chinensis, tassel, hedgehog fruit, taipinghua, Lespedeza and other garden plants on both sides.

The construction of the park adheres to the concept of urban forest, sponge City, white space for greening and biodiversity. The ecological landscape is the main part. The ecological landscape area, cultural exhibition area and sports and fitness area have their own characteristics. It provides comfortable rest and fitness venues for the surrounding residents and becomes a beautiful first window into Beijing.

Beijing urban green heart Forest Park

On September 29, Beijing urban green heart Forest Park, as an important part of the green space layout of Beijing Sub Center, officially opened.

The park is located on the South Bank of the Grand Canal, which is in line with the administrative office area of the deputy center of the city, with a planned area of 11.2 square kilometers. The park is opened with a phase I of 5.39 square kilometers, with 36 scenic spots, including 24 solar terms, old canal road and Oriental plant site. The park has 5 gate areas, namely east gate, South Gate, north gate, west gate and Southeast gate, providing nearly 5000 parking spaces for the public.

Wenyuhe Park in Beijing

Recently, Beijing Wenyuhe Park Demonstration Area officially opened. The park is located at the junction of Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping districts, the intersection of Qinghe River and Wenyu River, and the upper reaches of urban sub center. It is an important flood control channel and an important ecological corridor. The overall planning area of the park is about 30 square kilometers, which will become the largest green lung in Beijing after completion. Among them, Chaoyang demonstration area covers an area of about 2 square kilometers.

At present, ten distinctive scenic spots have been formed in the demonstration area, including Huaxi Jintian, Yuhu, songyun Huagai, Feibao Diecui, yunshang terrace, Jianjia, sunshine beach, Quhe, Linglong Wangyue and Jianwu. All kinds of flowers can be seen everywhere in the park, such as Yumei, duixin, honey sugar grass, false dragon head, Chrysanthemi, sage, tulip and so on Four overflows. Many scenic spots are connected by a water vein. The gurgling water flows around the East and west areas. The lake covers an area of 430000 square meters. Egrets, mandarin ducks and rabbits are indistinct, and the scenery is very beautiful.

Botanical Garden

The 28th municipal flower exhibition of Beijing Botanical Garden officially opened on September 26. This years flower exhibition displays 300000 flowers of various types, mainly chrysanthemum and rose. In the whole exhibition area, flower fields, flower galleries, flower borders, flower art and flower beds gather together to let people not only appreciate the beauty of autumn flowers, but also feel the ingenuity of gardeners.

In the exhibition area, 180 varieties of high-quality chrysanthemum are displayed in the form of exhibition stand. Chrysanthemums with different petals, flowers and colors gathered together. The graceful chrysanthemums are elegant and unique. Every year, it will become a favorite scenic spot for chrysanthemum lovers and photography lovers.

During the national day, four special exhibitions will be held, including rare plants exhibition, bonsai exhibition, photography exhibition and painting exhibition. The whole city flower show will last until November 1.

Xiangshan Park South foot scenic area, the newly added four Pavilion style landscape, after nearly two years of repair, in this years national day before the concentrated appearance!

The most special pavilion: Yingji cliff

Yingji cliff is located in the upstream of Yuru spring in Nanshan. According to the records of the old stories under the sun, Yingji cliff Pavilion is indeed a pavilion with double eaves and four corners. The pavilion has a construction area of 22.75 square meters. The original statues of Guanyin, shancai and Longnu were originally provided. In Buddhism, there are records of parrots offering sacrifices to Buddha, asking for Buddhas advice, transforming the heaven, and Bodhisattva incarnating parrot, etc., so Yingji cliff is named.

The restored Yingji cliff no longer worships Buddha statues, but retains the interdependent form of rockery and pavilion. There are rockeries and stones in the pavilion, which spread to the outside of the pavilion, becoming the most special pavilion in Xiangshan.

The most meaningful Pavilion: the pavilion of knowing the time

The original Pavilion of Zhishi pavilion was built in the Qing Dynasty. The structure of Zhishi Pavilion can be clearly seen in the 28 sceneries of jingyiyuan in Qing Dynasty. It is a three story hexagonal pavilion. On the top of the pavilion is a bell. On the top of the pavilion, there is a bronze gilded Phoenix flag. The Golden Phoenix spreads its wings in the wind and is very powerful.

Zhishi pavilion was built by Emperor Qianlong to express his filial piety to the Empress Dowager. Its name contains the meaning of know what time is, move in time, respond to the time, and cherish the time. The pavilion originally collected tribute clocks and watches from western countries. The restored Pavilion is equipped with clocks and clocks in the original form for people to know the time and cherish the time.

Pavilion, not Pavilion: Xia Biao Deng

Xiabiaodeng is located on the side of the road between the nine curves and eighteen plates in Nanshan. It is one of the twenty-eight sceneries of Jingyi garden in Xiangshan. It is the architectural form of Sanying Xieshan. Although it is transparent in all directions, it should be regarded as an open hall strictly.

Xia Biao Deng is better to watch the rising of the morning glow, and it is also located in the place of tired stone for pedaling, so it is named. The restoration of xiabiaodeng provides a good place for mountain climbing tourists to have a rest and enjoy the scenery.

The most poetic Pavilion: fushuanggao

According to records, a group of cranes were raised on the hillside near fushuanggao, and the crowing of cranes could be heard standing in the pavilion. Emperor Qianlong quoted the artistic conception of he Ming in Jiugao, and his voice heard in heaven in the book of songs.

With the advent novel coronavirus pneumonia, the number of tourists in Xiangshan Park is increasing. But the new crown pneumonia is still under the normal control period. In order to avoid the outbreak of the epidemic, the park will conduct limited tour, booking tickets and real name verification to ensure that the number of people receiving the day is not higher than 75% of the daily load.

Here, it is particularly suggested that visitors can make an appointment to purchase tickets through the official account of WeChat Xiangshan Park, and carry the identification ticket. Visitors should show the green code of health in the gate area and cooperate with the temperature measurement work.

Labagoumen Manchu Township, Huairou District

Labagoumen Manchu Township is located in the northernmost part of Beijing. It has the largest nature reserve in the city, a National Forest Park and 186 square kilometers of primary secondary forest. In the primary secondary forest scenic area, there are the largest birch forest and purple birch forest in Beijing, as well as a large area of Alpine Rhododendron, larch forest, oak forest, and a large number of precious tree species such as maple, Tilia amurensis, yellow pineapple and so on.

Due to the high altitude and large temperature difference between day and night, Labagoumen area becomes the first place to visit Beijing in autumn. It starts to enjoy the leaves in mid September every year. The red leaves last for about one month, with an area of 6000 hectares.

The National Day holiday is the best time to enjoy the leaves here. Strolling leisurely among the birch forests, enjoying the colorful leaves around, and watching the white clouds float across the blue sky As if in a colorful fairy tale world.

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