White House doctor: Trumps condition continues to improve as soon as possible

 White House doctor: Trumps condition continues to improve as soon as possible

Conley revealed that trump had experienced two decreases in blood oxygen levels since his diagnosis on the evening of October 1. From the evening of the 1st to the morning of the 2nd, the president was in good condition with only mild symptoms. Later in the morning of the 2nd, when I returned to the presidents bed, he had a high fever and his blood oxygen saturation dropped below 94%

Conley said that Trumps second decrease in blood oxygen level occurred on the 3rd day, but he did not suffer from shortness of breath, and the relevant index then rose. After evaluation by the medical team, dexamethasone was used for trump treatment. Dexamethasone is a synthetic corticosteroid hormone, which is widely used in the treatment of severe allergy, asthma and other diseases.

In the afternoon, trump briefly left Walter Reed medical center by car. Wearing a mask, he waved to supporters outside the hospital. He also posted a video on social media saying he had a lot of knowledge about the new coronavirus during his stay in the hospital.

Trumps move of going out during the period of isolation has aroused criticism from American public opinion. Critics say this is totally unnecessary and puts the people around you at risk of infection.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of 19:00 on the 4th, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States has reached 7.417 million, with 209 000 deaths.

Vice President burns 4 new coronavirus test results are still negative. According to the original schedule, he will hold a TV debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Harris in Salt Lake City, Utah. (end)

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