Shenzhen 230 million apartment is located in 308m cloud top with constant temperature swimming pool in the air

 Shenzhen 230 million apartment is located in 308m cloud top with constant temperature swimming pool in the air

A while ago, the YouTube channel [show you the house] Po showed a video of visiting Tianshu, a top luxury house in Shenzhen and one of the top ten luxury houses in Asia.

Donghai international apartment is the highest residential apartment in China, 308m high. It belongs to Xiangmihu District, a well-known rich area in Shenzhen. The host visited the penthouse, which is located on the 82nd floor of the apartment. The current price is 230 million.

This penthouse has a 270 degree mountain and sea view. In the south, you can see Shenzhen Bay and opposite Hong Kong, and mangrove wetland landscape park. In the north, you can see Xiangmi lake and 443 hectare Tanglangshan country park. From the east to the west, you can enjoy the prosperous scenery of Shennan Avenue.

The view of the bedroom is also very good. You can see the whole aorta of Shennan Avenue and Pingan financial center, the tallest building in Shenzhen. Even the color of bedroom cloakroom cabinet door is the use of very expensive Hermes orange.

The view of the master room is also excellent, and there is an independent reception hall, and there is a star terrace suitable for BBQ outside. The products of bathroom are selected from brasea imported from Brazil.

The most enviable thing is that this apartment also has a constant temperature swimming pool in the air. Swimming here can not only overlook the urban landscape below, but also see the blue sky. Its really cool. And theres a small massage pool in the pool. Theres a sauna and a shower area.

Chinese and Western kitchens and private elevators are, of course, indispensable in luxury homes. The huge sky screen cinema is more than enough for the whole family to watch.

In addition, the supporting facilities here are also very good, not only the residential area around the use of British royal garden design. The sky garden can also be connected directly to the Langham Hotel. Next to the hotel is the colorful world of the East China Sea. The shopping mall also has an exclusive access to the apartment. If you want to know more details, please click the atlas below to see the details!