Hangzhous 160 million mansions cover an area of 5 mu and more than 130 kinds of plants are planted in private gardens

 Hangzhous 160 million mansions cover an area of 5 mu and more than 130 kinds of plants are planted in private gardens

Hangzhou has such a luxury house, covering an area of 5 mu (about 3000 m2), with a down payment of 48million yuan. You can take the ultimate luxury and all available luxury house with a total amount of 160million.

Entering the gate is a private house. Whether it is the flower windows with crabapple patterns, the moon shaped arch gate, or the hexagonal pavilion hidden in the deep with water, they all restore the appearance of classical Suzhou gardens. These crafts have been passed on for thousands of years.

The lake in the garden is surrounded by luxuriant trees. Its very pleasant to sit in a pavilion by the lake, or sit at home through the window and forget. There are more than 130 kinds of green plants in the whole courtyard, which vary with the four seasons. Four seasons can be enjoyed in the water garden! In addition to eye-catching, the garden also has many functions, such as tea tasting, flower watching, fish watching, Taiji, sword dance, etc. And for the koi at home can happy and healthy growth, also equipped with three intelligent water purifiers. The word fish is better than man has been added in the dictionary of Jiajun.

The porch at the entrance is a double-sided embroidery with flowers blooming on the whole face and inlaid with a frame of colorful rosefinch glass, which is very expensive.

The living room is even worse. The background walls are all made of Phoebe, which costs a lot. The furniture in the whole living room is made of mahogany, and the carvings on each piece of furniture are lifelike. With the super large crystal chandelier, the whole familys super high-end atmosphere can only be summarized with wealth.

The living room of the living room is also very luxurious. The only difference between the living room and ordinary people is that mahogany furniture can not enter the house. The TV wall is also made of jade. The mahogany furniture in the whole family is estimated to be more than 200 tons.

Although it is a retro garden house in Suzhou, how can we not arrange modern entertainment facilities? Bar, swimming pool, sauna, billiards, all you want is so simple and boring.

I dont know if its possible for you to live in your next life to experience it~

For more pictures of the 3000 square meter Su family garden private mansion, please poke at the bottom of the atlas. Come and see it before you go~