The 280000 square meters of luxury houses sold in the United States are only 100 million, and there is a lake of 20000 square meters in the house

 The 280000 square meters of luxury houses sold in the United States are only 100 million, and there is a lake of 20000 square meters in the house

The mansion is located on a mountain. It has not only a main house, but also a tennis court with a view house, a whole storage hall and three guest houses. The most exaggerated thing is that there is a 20000 square meter Lake in the middle and an ancient Greek and Roman theater that can hold 50 people. Is not super curious, home gentleman this comes to take everybody to grow insight together.

Main house appearance: the main house is built on the hillside, which can have a panoramic view of the whole scenery. The main house is made of glass, wood and stone, which makes the house look natural and comfortable.

Living room: the living room is the center of the whole main house, and the selected furniture is all tailored for the house. Gray wall tiles with modern style furniture look very special.

The living room has a height of 1.5 floors. With the transparent glass door, the whole living room looks spacious and transparent. Moreover, the living room has two seat areas. You think it may be because the place is too big. I dont know what to put.

Restaurant: the dining room has a very beautiful cypress wall. Once the door is closed, it seems that you are in the box of cypress beads. The other side uses the panoramic floor to ceiling window, which can also enjoy the beautiful scenery during the meal.

Master bedroom: the entire side of the house belongs to the master bedroom suite, which also contains two separate offices and a beautiful private living room. The main bedroom uses birch ceiling, which is in line with the design concept of enjoying nature.

The bathroom of master bedroom is very big, using stone brick as floor and marble as wallboard, which is a very strong modern style. But the Yellow cement washstand softens the whole space very well, and its very harmonious.

Tennis house: the tennis house is two stories high. Sitting in it can overlook the charming and beautiful lake view. The lawn roof makes the whole tennis court integrate into the environment very well. There are living room, kitchen and bedroom bathroom in the room, which can entertain guests very well, and enjoy the game well in the day and night.

Ancient Greek and Roman theater: This is an amphitheater made of limestone. The owner has designed it to look like a Greek temple, which can hold more than 50 people for activities. Even in the side of the intimate set up a toilet, is really considerate.

Although we cant experience what its like to live in such a big house, its great to feel the happiness of the rich even if we cant afford it for the time being~

280000 square meters is really big. All the pictures are in the atlas. Please check the atlas below~