Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine announced: three HCV Discoverers

 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine announced: three HCV Discoverers

Harvey Artuff08 HarveyJ.Alter uff09American virologist, born in New York City, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester in 1956 and a medical degree from the University of Rochester in 1960. In 1964 and later Nobel laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg discovered the Australian antigen, which was later thought to be part of the hepatitis B virus. He also used animal models to study human immunodeficiency virus and identified hepatitis C virus. He was awarded the Lasker prize for clinical medicine research in 2000 and the galdena International Award in 2013.

Michael Houghton, a British biochemist, is involved in the development of hepatitis C testing. Horton received a bachelors degree from the University of East Anglia in 1972 and a doctorate in biology from Kings college, University of London, in 1977. He then worked at Searle research laboratory in Buckingham county and became head of non-A, non-B hepatitis division of heron in 1982.

Charles M. riceuff08 CharlesM.Rice uff09American virologist whose main research area is hepatitis C virus. Hes a professor of Virology at Rockefeller University. He and Ralf F. w. bartenschlager and MichaelJ.Sofia We jointly won the 2016 Lasker dibecki clinical medicine research award.

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The six major Nobel prizes in 2020, including the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, the Nobel Prize in physics, the Nobel Prize in chemistry, the Nobel Prize in literature, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in economics will be announced one after another from October 5 to 12. Lars heikenstein, chief executive officer of the Nobel Foundation, previously said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the traditional Nobel prize awarding ceremony will not be held in December this year, but will be held online.