Follow up of Jilin Songyuan major traffic accident: all 16 people on ordinary light truck died

 Follow up of Jilin Songyuan major traffic accident: all 16 people on ordinary light truck died

Jilin 18 dead car accident: many people leave in the morning to break corn and earn 200 yuan a day

At 5:41 on October 4, a major road traffic accident occurred 39 kilometers away from 514 provincial road in Fuyu City, Songyuan, Jilin Province. According to the official microblog of Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, 18 people were killed and 1 was injured.

At about 14:00 on October 4, traffic in the accident section was restored to normal, and the interviewees provided pictures

According to the source, six people were found dead on the spot after preliminary investigation; the drivers cab of the vehicle causing the accident was seriously deformed, and two people were found dead after being disassembled; 10 people were sent to the hospital due to injury and died after rescue; another driver of agricultural four-wheel tractor was injured and was under active treatment, with no life danger.

In the afternoon, many villagers in fushiqiao, Changchun, told the newsuff08 uff09In the accident, the death and injury of a small ordinary truck travelling from west to East was relatively serious. Most of the passengers were workers who went to corn fields in nearby villages to break corn.

Ms. Wang said that the workers who break corn usually start in the early morning. They charge about 200 yuan per day for breaking corn once. After the incident, at about 8:00 a.m., she had gone back to the road section where the incident happened. At that time, the scene was blocked and normal traffic resumed at about 9:00..

Another villager in Shiqiao village told surging news that the incident happened at the head of the village. Because the corn was knocked down by the typhoon this year, there was no way to harvest the corn by machine, so there were so many people sitting in the van to break the corn.

The villagers said that as of 18:32, police were setting up tents around the scene.

According to the previous report of the surging news, at 5:30 on April 15, half a year ago, a serious traffic accident occurred in 286 km of 503 highway in Qianan County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province, killing 12 people and injuring 4 people. The accident vehicle included a pickup truck carrying more than one person.

Nine of the victims were middle-aged and elderly female workers who were preparing to go 40 kilometers away to plant onions, the Beijing News reported. In the busy season of spring planting and autumn harvest, it is very common for local minivan to carry people.

According to the wechat public account Jilin traffic police of the traffic police corps of Jilin Provincial Public Security Department on August 6, the above-mentioned traffic accident of 12 deaths and 4 injuries exposed the problems of relevant departments control measures, responsibility implementation and safety education not in place. The Songyuan municipal Party committee and the municipal government launched the accountability procedure, and imposed party and government disciplinary sanctions on 18 party and government cadres and public security police of Songyuan Public Security Bureau and Qianan county government departments who were responsible for the accident.

According to the above-mentioned circular, during the busy farming season, the problem of carrying people by agricultural vehicles and trucks is relatively prominent, and the traffic safety hidden danger is great, which can easily lead to the accident consequences of mass casualties. Jilin traffic police remind that in busy agricultural season, personal safety should be put in the first place, and do not take trucks and agricultural vehicles for convenience, so as to avoid serious consequences.

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18 deaths in Jilin traffic accident: villagers say the road section is newly built and the speed limit started two months ago (source: video synthesis)

Jilin traffic accident 18 dead: villagers said the accident section was newly built, and the speed limit began two months ago

Introduction to Fuyu Public Security Bureau

Red Star News reporters learned that the incident was located about 1 km west of Shiqiao Township, Changchun Ling Town, Fuyu city. The 514 provincial highway was just built two or three years ago. The road is good. The speed of the car on the road is very fast. Several villagers in Shiqiao village told the Red Star News reporter that the injuries and deaths on the small ordinary truck hit by the opposite lane in the accident were the most serious, with more than a dozen people on board going to work odd jobs in the nearby village of Baomi.

At about 6:00 on the 4th, Mr. Hu went through the section of the incident to Songyuan City. The truck was blocked by the police when they were in the traffic accident. After a while, the traffic police let them go

Mr. Hu said that the 514 provincial highway had just been repaired for two or three years, the road is good, and the speed of cars on the road is very fast.

Mr. Zhang, a villager, told the Red Star News reporter that, according to his understanding, the cause of such a large number of casualties was due to the small ordinary truck carrying more than 10 people in the car, all of whom were farmers who went to work odd jobs in the nearby corn fields.

A number of villagers confirmed Mr. Zhangs statement and said that shortly after the incident, the road was blocked, and now there are traffic police guarding it.

Fuyu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade prior to the relevant announcement

On the afternoon of April 4, red star reporters called Changchun Ling town government, Fuyu Public Security Bureau, Fuyu Emergency Management Bureau and Fuyu City Health Commission to inquire about the cause of the accident and why such a large number of casualties were caused, but no effective response was received. Fuyu municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department staff said that the signal is not good, can not hear clearly, the reporter continued to call for many times were not connected.

According to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, after receiving the report, the Ministry of public security attached great importance to it. Zhao Kezhi, state councilor, Secretary of the Party committee and Minister of the Ministry of public security, appointed Vice Minister Liu Zhao to lead the working group to Fuyu city to guide the investigation and handling of the accident. At the same time, the main person in charge of the emergency management department immediately went to the command center of the Ministry of public security and made arrangements, demanding that the causes should be found out quickly, lessons should be learned deeply and one should be reversed 3u3001 And send a working group to the local to guide the investigation and handling of the accident.

16 people died in light truck accident in Songyuan, Jilin Province