Nettos strike is fatal! Wolves beat Fulham 1-0 to win the leagues second

 Nettos strike is fatal! Wolves beat Fulham 1-0 to win the leagues second

In this game, podens recovered and returned to the starting line, while mutinio and Traore were on standby

Starting: 11 patriciao; 16 Cody (c), 27 Seth, 15 Boli; 2-semedo, 49 Kilman, 8-nevis, 32-donkell; 10-podens, 7-netto, 9-shimenez.

Substitutes: 21 Rudy, 2-hofor, 17 Fabio Silva, 20 Vitina, 28 mutinio, 37 Traore, 59 bull.

In the 26th minute, Wolverine wolves players actively surrounded the front court, leading to Fulhams ball error, netto opened the space with the ball, a low shot, aleola flew to save the ball, Semedo follow-up shot regret higher than the goal.

In the first half, neither side achieved a 0-0 draw.

In the 49th minute, Semedo cut in from the right and then hit the wall with dendonkel. The latter made the ball back to the top of the forbidden area. Ruben Neves crossed the goal with a high-quality long-range shot.

The 54th minute, wolves accurate long pass to find himenez, himenez with the ball single knife into the forbidden area, but the shot was saved by areola, and then dundongkels make-up shot was also rejected.

But wolves are back in a minute! After netto got the ball near the forbidden area line, he shot the ball straight into the dead corner! Wolves lead Fulham 1-0!

The 76th minute, Semedo defensive injury, came to the sideline to receive team medical treatment, and then Hoffer came on the bench to replace him.

After four minutes of make-up time, wolves beat Fulham 1-0.

The international competition day will be held after the game. Wolves next match will be held at 03:00 Beijing time on October 20, against another upgraded maliz United.