Inters regret draw away from Lazio: we all want to win

 Inters regret draw away from Lazio: we all want to win

In the match with Lazio, inter took the initiative and suppressed Lazio. Inters possession rate is as high as 62% in the whole match, and the impact of pericic and Ashraf on both sides poses a great threat to Lazios goal. After several high pressure snatches and attacks, inter scored in 29 minutes. Pericics breakthrough on the side formed an opportunity. The other sides back line was in a panic. Lautarro got the ball in one move.

This game, pericic in the wing play well, after the game, Conte also praised perricic, I am very satisfied with the performance of pericic, he is a very dangerous player in the front court, he used an assist to prove this point, pericics positive way let me surprised. In order to get the lead, inter continued to put pressure on the opponents forbidden area, Lukaku and lautaro also played a number of wonderful cooperation.

Inters luck was a little bit worse in this game. After the opponent was sent off, Conte adjusted in time, continued to strengthen the midfield control and strengthen the attack. Brozovics long-range shot hit the goal post, then the opponents heavy defense in the forbidden area kept the tie. The result of the draw disappointed us because we came away to win and we tried to win.

Although failed to continue the victory, but the inter players in the game also have many bright spots, the second half of last season addicted lautaro in this season three games play well, Argentinian three consecutive games have scored goals, compared to before, lautaro is obviously more mature, stability improvement is also very obvious. Barera tried a new position in the front of the waist, in the position of the offensive and defensive balance is very good, which also provides more options for the employment of conte, Conte also praised the performance of barera after the game. In addition, shikrinyar on the defensive line has been playing a stable role this season, and Shike is likely to replace him after Gordin leaves.

The result against Lazio will also encourage the players to try their best in the next match. Conte said after the game, I know my players did their best in this game. They are disappointed with the result of the draw, but dont forget that we lost to Lazio away last season, which gave them confidence, but this time the result is different. We have a long season ahead of us