Xin Xin: strengthen physical fitness, present to the Centennial founding of the CPC with excellent Olympic achievements!

 Xin Xin: strengthen physical fitness, present to the Centennial founding of the CPC with excellent Olympic achievements!

Strengthen confidence, change ideas and strengthen physical fitness

Present Xinxin to the Centennial founding of the Communist Party of China with the outstanding achievements of the Olympic Games

hello everyone! The title of my report today is: strengthen confidence, change ideas, strengthen physical fitness, and make a gift to the Centennial founding of the Communist Party of China with the outstanding achievements of the Olympic Games.

Since the preparation period of Tokyo Olympic Games, the General Administration has taken a series of measures to strengthen the basic physical training and improve the physical fitness. As a basic event and a project that needs strong physical support, the guiding ideology of physical fitness first, Tokyo leading is put forward, and it is regarded as the motto of swimming events preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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As a member of the open water team of Chinas swimming army, I can say that I was not only an early witness of strengthening physical training, but also the biggest beneficiary of this initiative.. Now I will share with you my personal experience the mental process of physical training from exclusion to cognition, then to trust and acceptance, and to share with you.

It is not taboo to say that in the past long period of time, swimming training generally exists light basic physical ability, heavy special ability and practice what you compare with. To be fair, affected by the inertia thinking, I didnt approve or even contradict the basic physical training at first. What 3000 meter race, handstand, static core strength training In my mind, these exercises have nothing to do with swimming. Therefore, in the past few years, many of these basic physical training projects were superficial or even just made a show. Because with physical development, the results are naturally in an upward period. Of course, the premise of supporting this result is that I dare not have any slack in special training. At that time, I was the first to enter the swimming pool and the last to leave every day of training. Even though I was so tired in training that I cried, I never said no to the task assigned by the coach. Im glad that my hard work has paid off and achieved some good results.

However, with the growth of age, the weakness of physical fitness, especially the basic physical fitness, gradually appeared. Especially during the 18-19 years, no matter how hard I worked in the swimming pool, I still encountered successive setbacks in domestic, especially in international competitions. It can be said that the short board of physical fitness has become a bottleneck restricting me to cross over to a higher platform. If I do not strengthen it in time, the opportunity to show myself on a higher platform will be greatly limited.

To solve the problem, we transferred to Australia at the end of 2018. There, the team hired a physical fitness coach jack for me to carry out a special physical training guidance. It was from then on that I really realized what is systematic, targeted and basic physical training combined with actual combat. In the training, Jack gave me a lot of leg strength. My previous physical training leg was not practiced at all, so after every days training, my reaction was very big. It also affected the training effect and completion quality in the water. I had resistance. One day, I cried all afternoon, and even had the idea of retiring. Director Song and coach Jin of the center slowly enlightened me and told me that the labor period of transformation is inevitable. If we can get through it, we will have unexpected effects. They kept giving me encouragement, let me regain confidence, I chose to bite my teeth. From rejection to cognition, although I was a little skeptical about physical training at that time, I forced myself to choose trust in order to improve my performance.

Trust is the best teacher. Since then, in addition to the normal special training, I will have 3-4 times a week of land physical training, including a yoga class. During the training, the head coach and physical fitness coach will accurately grasp and adjust the training amount and intensity of land physical ability and underwater special training according to the needs of different stages and combined with my physical reality, so as to find a most appropriate balance point. They also have clear data indicators on why to train, what to practice and what standards to achieve. After half a years physical strength enhancement, my endurance, explosive power and core strength have been significantly improved. It was just with my strong physical reserve that I finally broke through myself at the world championships in moonlight state in July that year and ascended to the highest podium of the world series.

Now, after continuous physical training, my number of pull ups has increased from 10 at the beginning to 28 now; the explosive pull-down of Keiser has increased from 700 Hz at that time to 1000 kHz; the horizontal push has increased from 45 kg to 60 kg now; the static core can only hold for 55 seconds, and now it has soared to 120 seconds; the 3000 meter race has also increased from 15 minutes to 12 now Divide The growth of these real physical fitness data has not only greatly promoted the improvement of my sports performance and comprehensive strength, but also played a strong supporting role in the prevention of injuries and diseases in sports. In turn, good physical condition, and I have the confidence and ability to further challenge the new peak of physical fitness and special training.

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In June of this year, director Zhong Wen of the State Administration of the peoples Republic of China came to Shandong for investigation. When I arrived at our central swimming pool and saw me sweating all over, I said, when I look at this sweat, my physical fitness has been improved, my arm is still too thin, I need to make persistent efforts to make new breakthroughs. I know that I am on the right path to strengthen physical training, which also makes me change from trust to acceptance.

This year is a sprint year for the preparation of the Olympic Games, and adequate physical reserve is particularly important. In the sprint stage, the plan made for me by the coach is to continue to strengthen the core strength, especially the upper limb strength training, because strength is the basis of aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance (Sprint endurance). In the words of physical fitness coach, aerobic endurance is required for the first 9900 meters, and sprint endurance is required for the last 100 meters.

General secretary Xi Jinping taught us that we should take competitive medals as well as spiritual medals and clean medals. As a member of the Communist Party, I must bear in mind the instructions of the general secretary and play an exemplary and leading role. In the training work, based on strengthening physical fitness and focusing on special projects, I will strengthen my confidence, train hard and forge ahead. With success, I will surely have my historical responsibility. I will present my outstanding achievements in the Tokyo Olympic Games to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

Thank you.