This company and the industry are most favored by securities companies! The list of gold stocks came in October

 This company and the industry are most favored by securities companies! The list of gold stocks came in October

At present, more than 10 securities companies have disclosed their gold stock portfolio in October. The recommended stocks cover dozens of subdivided industries such as automobile, real estate, petrochemical, insurance, banking, liquor, medicine, biology, electronics, etc.

Sany Heavy Industry has become the most frequently recommended stock by securities companies. In addition, Ningde times, Great Wall Motors, Jindi group, Longji shares, Hengli petrochemical and Ping An of China have also been jointly recommended by two or more securities companies.

In terms of the number of recommended stocks, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which was jointly recommended by four securities companies, became the most recommended stocks; the automobile industry became the industry with the most recommended stocks, including Ningde times, Great Wall Motors, dangsheng technology and Zhongding shares.

Sany Heavy Industry has become the most recommended stock by securities companies

According to CSCI, Sanys domestic demand will remain stable, the demographic dividend will gradually disappear, and the effect of construction machinery replacing people will be more obvious; the overseas layout has been initially improved, and it is expected to accelerate the growth in the post epidemic era; the companys per capita income in the first half of 2020 is 2.67 million yuan, which is in the leading level in the global construction machinery industry, and the companys net interest rate is close to the highest in history There is still room for further improvement.

According to the judgment on the growth of the industry, the recognition of the companys head position, and considering the secondary transformation brought by digitization and intellectualization to Sany Heavy Industry, CSCI will give a target price of 35.91 yuan / share according to 20 times PE in 2020.

The automobile industry has become the industry with the most recommended stocks

According to the auto team of China Securities Construction Investment Corporation, after the auto sector experienced a continuous decline from 2018 to 2019, the 2020q1 was hit by the epidemic, and the bottom of the industry has been proved, Q2 consumption rebounded, and the industry has recovered significantly. With the alleviation of the domestic epidemic situation and the recovery of passenger and logistics demand, the effect of targeted stimulus policies is gradually released, and it is expected to continue to rise in the second half of the year, with a clear trend. The competition in the passenger car sector has intensified, and the epidemic situation has become a screening screen for selecting high-quality enterprises. Leading enterprises are expected to further highlight their advantages in the competition. In terms of parts and components, as the impact of the epidemic gradually subsides and overseas production and work resume in succession, the automobile industry chain will recover orderly.

In terms of individual stocks, Western Securities pointed out that Ningde era is a leader in the domestic lithium battery industry, with scale advantages. At the same time, through the in-depth layout of the industrial chain, costs are reduced; the companys leading position is stable and can fully benefit from the rapid growth of the new energy industry.

Ping An Securities believes that Great Wall Motors system reform has achieved initial results and can cope with the new business model of the automobile industry. In addition, the companys SUVs, pickup trucks and SUVs are launched in three arrows, and the profitability of single vehicle is expected to be improved.

For dangsheng technology, Shanxi Securities believes that with the recovery of downstream demand at home and abroad, the industry fundamentals are expected to recover, and the company will enter the period of concentrated release of high-end capacity from 2020. Previously, the bottleneck of the companys development is mainly due to insufficient capacity. The existing capacity has maintained a high opening rate for a long time, and the performance can be expected after the capacity is increased. In addition, the national Standing Committee of the peoples Republic of China in March 2020 will determine the new energy subsidy and exemption The policy of levying purchase tax will be extended to 2022, and the policy will recover.

According to China Merchants Securities, Zhongding shares has gone through a decade of international M & A, realized the market technology strategy orientation, continued to acquire overseas high-quality assets, and its customers covered Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and other mainstream manufacturers. The company has a clear development context, and has established a leading position in the industry in four fields of non tire rubber, namely, cooling system, noise reduction and shock absorption chassis system, sealing system and air suspension and motor system.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4425