Are you in a hurry? Defense chief in front of Taiwan does not admit that Taiwan Armys combat effectiveness is zero

 Are you in a hurry? Defense chief in front of Taiwan does not admit that Taiwan Armys combat effectiveness is zero

Feng Shikuan, former defense chief of Taiwan authorities

On October 5, the retired general and former army commander-in-chief Chen tingchong said that the Taiwan Armys combat power was almost zero. However, Feng Shikuan, the former defense chief of the Taiwan authorities, was so worried that he claimed that he did not agree with the statement. However, his defense was ridiculed by the netizens in Taiwan.

Chen tingchong, a retired general of the Taiwan army, said in his speech at the event on September 29 that I am a Chinese and a symbol of pride, and pointed out that the current combat power of the Taiwan army is zero, which triggered heated discussions on the Taiwan Armys combat capacity in the Island. Unexpectedly, the words made the Taiwan authorities retreat from the auxiliary committee chairman and the former defense chief impatient. According to the wind media report, Feng Shikuan, when asked about the issue in the legislative body on the 5th, claimed that such remarks are not recognized by everyone and that such news should be not listened to, believed in or transmitted.

However, Feng Shikuans defense has not been recognized by netizens. China time electronic news noted that a netizen in Taiwan sent an article saying that according to the global military strength evaluation of foreign media, Taiwans military strength dropped by 12 places compared with that five years ago. Some Taiwan network friends said that no matter whether it is recruitment or conscription, the Taiwan Armys desire to fight is simply a mantis in the car, questioning how to send other peoples lives to the battlefield.. Some netizens satirized, if we add the item of morale , the Taiwan Armys combat power may have to be a cranes tail.

Liu Xiangbin, a retired general of Taiwan, also said that Taiwans military service system is a parallel recruitment system with voluntary service as the main body. However, relying on soldiers with a service period of four months to maintain the recruitment energy, the recruitment system is basically empty.. Because, after four months of military training, it is impossible to develop a qualified soldier with fighting capacity.

In addition, the Taiwan army has repeatedly been deeply involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, and frequently exposed scandals of refreshing the lower limit, which shocked the people on the island. According to the statistics of Taiwan media, on average, there is a scandal in the Taiwan Army every 10 days, the screw of military discipline has obviously been completely loosened..

Wu Sihuai, a member of the Kuomintangs non divisional legislator, warned the DPP authorities on the 4th that they should avoid war. He said that if there is a war, the damage will surely spread throughout Taiwan. He hopes that there will be no war and peace between the two sides of the Strait. (Yang Jia)

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