Tourist attraction was bitten by ants as soon as he got off the bus. Scenic area: we are not responsible

 Tourist attraction was bitten by ants as soon as he got off the bus. Scenic area: we are not responsible

Mr. long, a citizen of Nanning: as soon as I got out of the car, I got out of the cab. Within a minute, I began to find that my leg was bitten. I pulled up my trouser legs and found that all the legs were bitten, and the ants were crawling full. This was what the ants had bitten. At that time, it was full.

Mr. long, a citizen of Nanning: I said I would call 120, because the consciousness at that time was gradually not so clear. Then I called 120, and then I didnt know how to get to the hospital.

Mr. Longs fiancee Ms. Yu: its that people have no consciousness and are in a coma.

According to the relevant information, the reporter learned that after being stung by the red fire ant, people will have a burning pain and blisters like burning. Most people only feel pain and discomfort, while a few people are allergic to the toxic protein in the venom, which may cause anaphylactic shock and even life-threatening.

Mr. long, citizen of Nanning: the person in charge of the scenic area directly told me that it had nothing to do with them. He said that it was not within the scope of the scenic area, it was in the parking lot, and it was none of their business.

Is that the case? The reporter contacted director Liu, who is in charge of the operation of the scenic spot. He told reporters that although Mr. long parking in the parking lot, and paid the parking fee, but the parking lot has a disclaimer, the disclaimer has written clearly, the scenic area parking lot only provides parking vehicles, only charges for parking space, and is not responsible for other problems, such as the loss of vehicles, vehicle damage, so they are not responsible for the incident of Mr. long being bitten by red fire ants No responsibility.

Liu Tao, operation director of Longmen Shuidu scenic spot, Nanning: how do you deal with your feedback to me when you are in the outdoor field? Reporter: when we look for a temporary parking lot, do we have to consider the ants and other wildlife factors If this factor is taken into account, all scenic spots should not be opened.

So, should the management be responsible for Mr. long? To this end, the reporter consulted a lawyer.

Du Nayi, a lawyer from Guangxi Zhiming law firm: if he exempts his main responsibility, he can not only emphasize the aspect of making profits, but also exempt himself from the main security obligations in the tort liability law, which is also invalid.

At the same time, the lawyer also said that according to the relevant provisions of Chinas tort liability law, natural persons and legal persons or organizations engaged in accommodation, catering and entertainment activities or social activities should fulfill the safety guarantee obligation within a reasonable scope. If they fail to fulfill this obligation and cause damage to others, others can claim compensation. Mr. long drove his car into the temporary parking lot of the scenic spot. At the same time, he paid the parking fee, which means that he has made an agreement with the temporary parking lot in the scenic area and completed the agreement. The management of the scenic spot should ensure the personal and property safety of Mr. long to a certain extent.

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The informants hope to attract the publics attention. Why people are so nervous, because red fire ant is not small harm!

Red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) is a major invasive pest, and is recognized as one of the 100 most harmful invasive species by IUCN. Since 2004, the distribution has been expanded to many places in China. Experts analyzed the reasons for the spread, or the introduction of turf and seedlings with soil into the epidemic areas.

In June 2018, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas of the peoples Republic of China released the latest list of distribution administrative regions of national agricultural plant quarantine pests, which revealed that red imported fire ants are distributed in many places in Yunnan Province

Red imported fire ant is very aggressive. It can bite the skin of human and animal with big jaw, and then sting with tail needle for 7 to 8 times continuously with head as the center, forming a circular sting wound. During the sting, fire ants inject an alkaloid toxin called piperidine, which causes severe burning pain. If it is allergic constitution, the skin may appear abscess, heavy may be life-threatening.

It is difficult to prevent and control red imported fire ants. If you are bitten and allergic, you should see a doctor in time

Not long ago, in Dali, Yunnan, there were also red fire ants. Recently, many netizens said that ants very similar to the red imported fire ant were found in the green belt and lawn of Xiaguan, Dali. After being bitten by red fire ants, blisters will appear, which may cause anaphylactic shock or even death.

Hide from it! Red fire ants appear in Dali city! Official: basically control the spreading trend

Many Kunming residents also said they had seen the red fire ant

The doctor reminds: after being bitten, the light person will appear the wound local skin pruritus, the ache, the redness, may use the water and the soap to wash, uses the ice compress or the acid vinegar immersion 20 minutes or so, maintains the wound clean, avoids grasps the abscess bag, prevents the secondary infection. If there are allergic reactions, such as pruritus, rashes, redness and swelling, dyspnea, etc., you must seek medical advice in time, or your life may be in danger.