Fashion = not environmental protection? A green fashion show held by balischia

 Fashion = not environmental protection? A green fashion show held by balischia

Fashion Week show: Balenciaga (source: Netease fashion)

The main point of view of this seasons show is: sustainability, from design, production to wearing, has been comprehensively demonstrated. 93.5% of the raw materials of the series have been certified sustainable or can be upgraded and reused. 100% of the main components of the printing have sustainable certification.

Most of the fashion in this season is for men and women to wear together. The original intention of this design is to effectively reduce the environmental impact caused by excessive styles in product production.

We can see that there are a lot of old pieces with a sense of destruction in the show, giving people a feeling of exploring non-traditional beauty from the traditional aesthetics. In the show, you can also see that many daily home items have been reinterpreted, such as artificial wool bathrobes, stacked silk pajamas and so on.

All kinds of dresses have been spliced and combined to form rich and interesting wearing styles with brand-new structure.

The design elements of sportswear have also been reinterpreted: the sports jacket is integrated into the inner lining of the flight jacket, the sun pleated skirt collides with the genes of the sportswear, and the sweatshirt is deconstructed as a headdress or waist decoration attached to trousers.

There are still denim pieces with the brands best hand this season. Whether it is printed with denim pattern on silk style clothing, or knitted five pocket trousers or full leather full body shape, it looks like jeans coat and classic five Pocket Jeans at first glance.

In addition, we also saw a lot of pieces showing the technology of tailoring, such as the eco-friendly fur coat decorated with shoelaces, knitwear knitted with denim thread, stitched boots, leather clips and motorcycle pants.

Incorporate a basketball net chain into a lightweight dress to pay tribute to the classic fishermans mesh skirt by brand founder Crist u00f3 Balenciaga. The suspender skirt meets the tiny metal armor like chain link, which is exquisite and stylish.

The shopping bag series is inspired by the pet store. Super large Nylon Backpack and waist bag reconstruct wonderful visual proportion.

The new sports shoes complement each other with the classic running shoe uppers and elastic soles. Another Derby shoe uses a pyramid shaped toe cap with exaggerated thickened soles. Home and hotel type slippers, swimming pool slippers and orthopedic cool shoes are all added with waterproof platform design.

This seasons graphic prints include melting smiling faces, childish Ilove you planetary earth paintings, as well as many abstract concept patterns, such as your logo here art graffiti and Paris Fashion Week prints that look like primitive pixels.

The video of the fashion show is directed by director Walter stern, and the background music sunglasses at night is from Corey Hart and performed by bfrnd. Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921