Visiting sales offices on holidays to feel the real estate market

 Visiting sales offices on holidays to feel the real estate market

Look here, there are real estate enterprises in the subway station to advertise the real estate, the reporter naturally wants to visit on the spot.

In a building near the Sijing subway station in Songjiang, the reporter saw that there were about three or four groups of customers signing contracts in the hall of the sales office. Occasionally, some buyers were led by salesmen to see the model houses, but the popularity was relatively general.

The salesman told reporters that the real estate was opened on September 27 and the lottery number was drawn, and 346 houses were released, with an average price of 46000 yuan / square meter. Now the house is almost sold, with only a few low floor units left.

Subsequently, the reporter came to another building next door.

Right, thats a little bit of a national day property market atmosphere.

The passenger flow of this building is much more than that before. The total construction area of the project is 72000 square meters, and 644 sets of houses are available for sale. It is expected that 348 sets of houses will be launched in late October. Community positioning young customers, focusing on science and technology intelligent decoration.

There are mainly three types of units in the project: 79 square meters of two rooms, 98 square meters of three rooms and 115 square meters of three rooms, of which the three rooms of 98 square meters are the main type. Sales staff told reporters that after sorting out the four categories of ABCD customers, more than 1500 groups of class a customers have been registered. First, class a customers should have down payment, second, they should meet the purchase conditions, and third, they should have purchase intention. We will also do a good job in risk control and screen out 800-900 groups of customers.

A client who came to see the house more than 6 oclock last night put a deposit of 500000 yuan into the developers account at about 0:30 in the morning and took Room 502 of Building 2. Xuhui District on the road to a real estate sales staff told reporters.

According to the salesperson, the property opened in April this year, with 155 units in total, with an average sales price of 78000 yuan per square meter. At present, there are only a dozen houses with 140 square meters and three rooms left. With the implementation of the policy that graduates from four universities in Shanghai can settle in Shanghai, more and more high-end talents will flow into Shanghai in the future, and the housing demand is still very large.

This is a high-end real estate sales office located in Jingan District during the national day, with a unit price of 125800 yuan / m2. There is only one group of customers in Nuo Das sales office. Sales staff told reporters that there are still 30-40 sets of housing, good payment terms can be discussed.

As for this property, the model house was just opened on October 1 and is expected to open at the end of November. When the sales staff talked about the details of the real estate to the reporter, and prepared to take the reporter to check the capital to see the model house, the reporter showed his timidity. The luxury house with a start of 20 million yuan was powerless

National Day holiday turnover reduction is a common practice

Take a look at the last working week in September, Shanghais new sales are still quite lively.

It is said that the second phase of Jingan Ying added Sunlight to close, and more than 80% of houses were sold on the opening day of Surabaya harmony. How to the National Day golden week, Shanghai property market is so low-key?

Lu Wenxi, Shanghai Zhongyuan Real estate market analyst, believes that affected by the holiday, the market turnover in the first week of October will be reduced to a certain extent, especially many developers rush to open in September to set off the market. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, many citizens did not go back to their hometown to visit their relatives or travel in the Spring Festival this year, so it was normal for the sales offices to have a light passenger flow during the National Day holiday. However, the less passenger flow does not mean that the purchasing power is weakened. What is more, it is just a rhythmic trading contraction. After the festival, the market supply and trading volume are expected to recover rapidly.

Market differentiation will continue

From the perspective of price segment distribution, the proportion of low-grade products in Shanghai rebounded significantly, increasing by 9% month on month, while the proportion of medium and low-grade products decreased significantly by 10% month on month.

In terms of area distribution, the proportion of products below 90 square meters increased slightly, the proportion of products with 90-120 square meters increased by 2%, the proportion of products with 120-144 square meters decreased by 3 percentage points, the proportion of products with 144-200 square meters increased slightly, and the proportion of products with more than 200 square meters decreased slightly.

Kerry believes that whether the real estate market will turn cold and whether September will become the turning point of the market from prosperity to decline seems to be difficult to make a conclusion. It remains to be further verified by the market supply and demand data in the fourth quarter, but the city differentiation market rate will be deduced in turn. The market demand of the first tier cities is still strong, and the volume is expected to remain at a high level in the fourth quarter. However, under the effect of policy increase in turn, the probability rate of hot second tier and third tier cities will decrease, and the transaction volume will decrease slowly. Lu Wenxi said that the market differentiation is not only reflected in the differentiation between the first and second tier cities and the third and fourth tier cities, but also between different real estate projects in the same city. On the whole, the property with high product quality and price will be welcomed by the market, and the property with low cost performance ratio will not have a high de turnover rate. Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NF4425