Talk about the bitter history of bank recruitment in those years

 Talk about the bitter history of bank recruitment in those years

After taking part in the autumn recruitment this year, the competition for bank positions is still very fierce. Many people want to find more stable jobs such as banks and civil servants. A 2021 financial major fresh student said that he had thought of engaging in investment research work before, but many post delivery cards were directly stuck in the online application.

The competition in the financial industry is fierce. Many financial professional partners are trembling with the participation of scholars

Recently, a freshman in the University of mathematics failed in the basic professional course of mathematical analysis. The senior brother of the college replied, there is always something suitable for you. Its really not possible. You can also transfer to finance. The comment caused heated discussion in the financial circle.

However, this netizen obviously did not know the survival state of grassroots financial migrant workers.

This reminds people of the talk show actor houses performance at the talk show conference: the person who has completed a complete set of financial courses has only one idea, that is, I have been selected by the world!

But the reality is not always satisfactory I used to be a teller. At the beginning, I couldnt put myself in a proper position. I always thought that the bank trained me as the successor of the President...

How difficult is the bank? If you dont have talent, you may not be able to play. Many banks require job seekers to perform talent in video interviews. In the autumn recruitment this year, ICBC even set the application requirements for submitting vlog in the online application system.

In order to deal with the online application, many students are also racking their brains. It can be said that the art is not amazing and endlessly endless. Some netizens disclosed that a new student uploaded a Yo Yo Yo performance vlog, and his skills were almost full

The special situation of the epidemic situation has promoted the digitization process of banks. Many students who like to notice the written examination revealed that almost all the written tests of banks have been changed to online, and there are too many online interviews.

Due to the large number of applicants in some banks, some students have seen hundreds of people queuing up on the sea and experienced the embarrassing situation of dressing up and preparing one hour in advance, but the interview ended in three minutes.

Even a small buddy took the opportunity to experience a AI interview because the camera suck up and did not have enough time to do facial expression management.

At the same time, many banks offer preferential policies to poor areas and poor college students when recruiting on campus. For example, in the basic recruitment conditions of Bank of Guangzhou, it is stated that the children of poverty-stricken households or students from national poverty-stricken counties and regions shall be given priority under the same conditions.

But now there are fewer and fewer students who meet the requirements, such as the following:

Despite the heart block of online application, the burning brain of written examination, and the embarrassment of interview, whether it is a woman who cant get from the bank, or the candidate for the future president, this years school recruitment season, students majoring in finance should cheer on!

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NF4425