Who is the king of A-share money making hundreds of thousands of up and down in a second?

 Who is the king of A-share money making hundreds of thousands of up and down in a second?

It exceeded 10 billion yuan in 1993 and 100 billion yuan in 2003

It exceeded trillion in 2009 and 2 trillion in 2013

Breaking through 3 trillion in 2017

Total annual dividends of listed companies:

It exceeded 10 billion yuan in 1998 and 50 billion yuan in 2003

It exceeded 100 billion in 2006 and 500 billion in 2011

Breaking through trillion in 2017

In terms of revenue, the total revenue of A-share listed companies in 2019 exceeds 50 trillion yuan. According to the National Bureau of statistics, the national GDP in 2019 will be 99.1 trillion yuan. This means that the total income of A-share listed companies accounts for more than half of the countrys GDP. Among them, two barrels of oil is the most attractive, and the total revenue has reached hundreds of thousands per second.

In terms of net profit, the financial industry, especially banks, has the strongest earning power. The top 20 companies in the A-share earnings list in 2019, with the total net profit accounting for more than 50% of all a shares, including 12 banks.

In 2019, the top 5 companies in the A-share profit list - four big banks and Ping An of China have reached the level of 100 billion. The total net profit of the five companies was 1127.867 billion yuan, accounting for 57.85% of the top 20 companies and nearly 30% of all A-share companies.

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In terms of dividends, from 1998 to 2019, the proportion of annual total dividends of A-share listed companies in the total annual profits is always above 30%, and the proportion in 2019 is 34%. Local tyrants companies have made large cash dividends, and the dividend amount of ICBC in 2019 even exceeds the annual net profit of any A-share company except four major banks plus Ping An.

Perhaps some people have a lot of objection to cash dividends, that is their own money. But in fact, a stable high dividend means that the company has the actual ability to pay. Compared with some accounts have money, hands no money enterprises, real gold and silver dividends also show that its performance is more reliable. The share prices of these stocks are relatively stable, and they are the favorite of institutions and foreign investors.

1. Valuation repair:

If you buy when its cheap, the price will rise sooner or later, and return to normal valuation. What you earn is the money for valuation repair

2. Enterprise growth:

Holding a good company or a good fund for a long time and letting it grow slowly will make money for performance growth and company profit