Trump suddenly left the hospital by car and was scolded by doctors as Crazy

 Trump suddenly left the hospital by car and was scolded by doctors as Crazy

CNN: attending physician at Walter Reed Medical Center criticizes Trumps ride photo: this irresponsible behavior is shocking

According to CNN reported on the 4th, Phillips tweeted on the same day, criticizing Trumps driving out and being photographed. In the absolutely unnecessary presidential ride, everyone in the car had to be quarantined for 14 days, he wrote. They can get sick. They could die. Its all because of this political drama.. Its a drama under Trumps command, risking his life. Its just crazy.

The presidents SUV is not only bulletproof, but also completely sealed to protect it from biological and chemical attacks. But the risk of new coronavirus transmission within the medical measures is as high as that of its external transmission. This level of irresponsibility is alarming. I think the secret service is being forced out. Phillips went on to write.

Screenshot of Phillips tweet

Phillips has been an attending physician at Walter Reed Medical Center for nearly three years, and he is also an emergency medicine doctor and assistant professor certified by the board of directors of the University of Washington Hospital, CNN said.

Phillips (information map)

It is not only Phillips, but also Trumps behavior of taking a short trip by car, which has caused many peoples criticism. According to Russia today (RT), the White House Journalists Association complained that when trump left the hospital, there were no White House reporters on the scene who had taken protective measures at the scene, which could not ensure that Americans knew where the president was and what he had done, which was unacceptable.

Randy wingaton, President of the American Federation of teachers and American Labor leader, also denounced Trumps riding behavior as irresponsible.. How dare trump put others at risk when hes infected with the virus himself? she wrote on twitter? According to US media reports, nearly three-quarters of Americans think trump has not taken appropriate preventive measures. A kind of

For trump to go out by car, some reporters questioned that Trumps move may put people around him in danger. In response, White House spokesman Judd Deere said on the same day that vehicles and related personnel had taken appropriate preventive measures to protect the president and all his supporters. Jason Miller, Trumps campaign adviser, also said on CNN that trump greets by bus in a safe way..

Trump was sent to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on the evening of 2 st for treatment. In the early hours of the same day, trump confirmed that he and his wife Melania were infected with the new coronavirus. White House Deputy press secretary Judd Deere said that after Trumps brief trip on the 4th, he has returned to Walter Reeds office.

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U.S. President trump, who is in hospital for treatment, left Walter Reed medical center in a special car on Thursday, waving to supporters outside the hospital, causing concern. Jason Miller, Trumps campaign advisor, just talked about Trumps physical condition when he spoke on CNN. He felt good yesterday, and he felt better today..

On October 4, local time, Jason Miller, a trump campaign adviser, appeared on CNN to defend the presidents brief car ride.

CNN anchor Anna Cabrera immediately asked a sharp question. Did the president force his secret service team members to ride with a new crown positive patient? Would this put the secret service members at risk? Jason Millers response to this is that trump greets in a safe way.. Miller added: he did it in front of the camera so the media could see it.

Trump left the Medical Center for a short time in a special car

In addition, the trump campaign adviser also declared that Trumps move was not a gimmick. Its president trump showing people his courtesy to hundreds of people outside Walter Reed medical center, and the support he has given to them... Miller said He continued to defend Trumps decision, saying that the secret service takes great care of their agents and always takes extra precautions..

Im not part of the White House operations or the White House medical team. So I cant say the specific logistics work, but I know that the secret service attaches great importance to this matter. I think its great that President trump can go out and show that hes ready to fight the virus head-on. You cant hide, whether its in the attic or the basement, or anywhere else. We need to get out. Miller said.

Has trump been questioned whether going out by car will put people around him in danger? The White House also spoke

CNN: the White House said it had taken appropriate precautions against Trumps vehicle

According to CNN reported on the 4th, at a press conference on the same day, a reporter asked what measures trump used to protect hospital staff, drivers, security personnel and other relevant personnel, and whether the presidents doctor approved his decision to go out.

Trump waves to supporters outside the hospital by bus

In response, White House spokesman Judd Deere said: we have taken appropriate precautions in carrying out this activity, such as the use of personal protective equipment, to protect the president and all his supporters. The activity has also been confirmed by the medical team and can be carried out safely.

According to CNN, Deere did not answer other relevant questions, including whether the ride was a request of trump and whether trump met anyone in person at the time.

Trump uses the hormone for the treatment of critically ill patients after the second dose of radcivir

Dr Conley also revealed that trump had been treated with the glucocorticoid dexamethasone. According to the latest WHO guidelines, glucocorticoids should only be recommended for patients with severe or severe new crowns, but not for patients with mild diseases.

He also said that in view of these developments, doctors are concerned that the new crown disease may develop rapidly. So he gave trump oxygen. After about a minute, his oxygen saturation returned to more than 95 percent. The president added oxygen for about an hour on Friday, Conley said

On Saturday, however, Trumps oxygen saturation dropped again to about 93%. According to the WHO criteria for severe diseases, oxygen saturation below 93% constitutes an indicator of severe new coronary artery disease. It is not clear whether trump replenished oxygen on Saturday. Dr Conley said that after continuous monitoring, Trumps blood oxygen level has returned to 98%.

In addition to oxygen saturation, Trumps other physiological indicators have not been published. A number of domestic doctors told the first finance and economics reporter that in addition to oxygen saturation and age constitute severe and severe trend, other indicators, such as chest and lung CT, lymphocyte content and other indicators are also important factors to evaluate whether the new crown disease is becoming severe.

Trump on Friday used regenerants clinical trial of the new crown antibody cocktail therapy. He also received the first dose of Gilead sciences antiviral drug, radcivir, and a second dose on Saturday. On the basis of the two drugs, trump also received hormone therapy on Sunday, sparking speculation.

A doctor told the first finance and economics reporter: if the lung has a relatively serious inflammation, then the cocktail therapy of antibody drugs can control the inflammatory storm; if the high fever does not subside after the onset of the disease, then it can be treated as a serious case, and hormone can be used.

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