Black Swan raid! The chip giant once plummeted nearly 8percent, the highest evaporation 200 billion

 Black Swan raid! The chip giant once plummeted nearly 8percent, the highest evaporation 200 billion

High drop evaporated HK $210 billion

The announcement confirmed that it was sanctioned by the U.S., SMICs H shares fell all the way after the opening, falling 7.62% at one time in the session, and the stock price reached a new adjusted low of 16.74 yuan.

On the evening of October 4, China core international issued a notice that China core international has known that the industrial and Safety Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce issued a letter to some suppliers according to the U Continued.

In response to the export restrictions, SMIC and the Bureau of industry and security of the United States have conducted preliminary exchanges and will continue to actively communicate with relevant U.S. government departments.

In addition, the announcement mentioned that SMIC is evaluating the impact of the export restrictions on the companys production and operation activities. Based on the fact that the supply period of some equipment, accessories and raw materials exported from the United States will be extended or inaccurate, which may have an important adverse impact on the companys future production and operation. SMIC will continue to follow up the matter and issue further announcements in due course.

In fact, from 95 yuan on the date of listing on the A-share science and technology innovation board to 49.65 yuan at the latest closing price, the loss per share of a shares is greater.

Huahong Semiconductor Co., Ltd. of SMICs international counterparts, was also brought into the water, and its share price fell by more than 5% at one time.

Goldman Sachs maintains SMIC international target price unchanged:

Rating buy

SMIC is subject to sanctions. Although the bank said there was no clear view on the situation, it provided a scenario analysis of the potential impact from two business perspectives (the application of advanced technology and the application of mature technology).

Goldman Sachs points out that the difference between the two scenarios is whether SMIC can still obtain all the mature node equipment from non-U.S. suppliers.

Goldman Sachs maintains SMICs target price of HK $28.7 (00981) unchanged, rating buy.

Hong Kong stocks open high and go low: Tencent soars nearly 3%

Among the heavyweights, Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet leading companies increased significantly, with Tencent holding up 2.83%; financial stocks AIA and HSBC rose by about 5%.

Ant group is seeking the same day pricing and listing between China and Hong Kong?

Ant group is about to be listed on both sides of ah, and the market is highly concerned.

The South China Morning Post quoted sources as saying that ant group is seeking approval for listing in the mainland and Hong Kong regulators, seeking the same day pricing and listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and plans to conduct an online roadshow. However, due to differences in procedures between the two places, the listing schedule of ant group may be delayed.

According to the report, based on Hong Kongs average adoption of t + 5 listing after pricing, and ant groups listing in Shanghai should adopt t + 6 after pricing, and the company intends to list t + 6 after pricing, so it may need to wait for an extra day to list in Hong Kong.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of China fund daily_ NF4425