Trumps VIP therapy: receiving a drug treatment that has not yet been approved

 Trumps VIP therapy: receiving a drug treatment that has not yet been approved

Giving trump active treatment is a completely appropriate decision, followed by the question of which treatment to choose, Gottlieb said on CNBCs fastmoney program

Second from left: Scott Gottlieb

Since trump was diagnosed, the White House sent trump to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center out of great care..

Gottlieb added: I dont infer anything from the fact that they choose regeneron products over other pharmaceutical companies. Given what they know, regenerons antibody cocktail seems to be the most effective product.

As one doctor commented on Twitter: without data, VIP drugs dont mean better drugs.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia (REGN-COV2) is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies (REGN10933 and REGN10987) designed specifically to block new crown viruses that can cause new crown pneumonia. It simulates the human bodys response to foreign invaders. The goal is to enhance the immune systems defense capabilities, rather than waiting for human biological processes to complete its work.

These antibodies come from novel coronavirus pneumonia mice that have been genetically modified and have antibodies identified from the new crown pneumonia rehabilitation. Two effective virus neutralizing antibodies formed regn-cov2. According to regeneron, the antibody cocktail has no competitive binding with the key receptor binding domain of the spike protein (s protein) of the new coronavirus, reducing the ability of the mutant virus to evade treatment, thus protecting the mutated s protein in the human body. Preclinical studies have shown that regn-cov2 can reduce viral load and associated damage in non-human primates.

On September 29th, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Regeneron said on its website that their REGN-COV2 treatment improved symptoms and reduced viral load in patients with mild to moderate new crown pneumonia. This is based on the data of the first 275 trial patients. At the time, the company said it planned to discuss early results quickly with regulators, including the FDA.

Among the first 275 Regeneron participants aged 44 years, 49% were male and 51% were female; about 56% were Hispanic and 13% were African American; 64% had one or more potential risk factors for Yan Zhongxins pneumonia, including obesity (over 40%).

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also the only drug that is being developed by Regeneron. Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline are also testing monoclonal antibodies. Experts believe this is a promising new treatment for pneumonia.

In a memorandum provided by the White House on Friday, Trumps doctor Sean Conley said: as a precaution, the president received a regeneron antibody cocktail. Conley also wrote that trump was still tired, but in a good mood.

Trump has had a fever since Friday morning, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The New York Times also reported that trump seemed listless at Thursdays fundraising event, and he was said to have fallen asleep on his plane after the rally on Wednesday.

Gottlieb said that if novel coronavirus pneumonia is to be treated early, Trump probably thought of remdesivir, the first of his kind. (Reed). Because it has been authorized by the FDA for emergency use, but it is only applicable to critically ill inpatients.

However, Gottlieb refutes the claim that Trumps treatment with regeneron should cause caution. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed by almost all other Americans, and is monitored by medical professionals, hoping that the symptoms will not increase.

For the president of the United States, if you have a treatment available, I think you will provide it, especially if you understand the safety of these products and you believe it is safe and will not worsen his condition, Gottlieb said

However, some doctors are skeptical about the decision to treat trump with antibody drugs.

Dr. VIN Gupta, a chest specialist in Seattle, added: Id like to say that Ive never heard of a patient, especially an important figure like the president, receiving an experimental antibody cocktail therapy. He also called on the White House to provide more information.

In addition to regenerons antibody cocktail therapy, trump also took zinc, vitamin D and famotidine (histamine H)_ 2 receptor blockers).

In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia risk is likely to be a focus of Trumps CNN (CNN).

Trump already has several risk factors and is a high-risk group. The details are as follows:

Age: novel coronavirus pneumonia (CDC) data show that the risk of hospitalization is 5 times higher than that of 18-29 year old young people, and that of the new age of crown pneumonia is 90 times higher than that of the age group of 65-74.

Male: trump is male. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is more common among men than women, according to authoritative health agencies.

Others: I dont know if trump has any other diseases that might put him in high-risk groups. According to his recent physical examination, his blood pressure is only slightly elevated. There is no evidence that he has cancer, kidney disease, diabetes or other diseases that put people at higher risk.

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