Chinese style in the eyes of big brands is panda, bamboo and mahjong?

 Chinese style in the eyes of big brands is panda, bamboo and mahjong?

First of all, we are facing the accessories team, but small accessories play a great role.

Qeelin China lock necklace

Qeelin, a high-end jewelry brand, which is good at combining Chinese traditional culture totem with western modern aesthetics, has continued its Chinese style design this year and launched a new series of Yuyi mother of pearl shells.

Inspired by the design of Ruyi lock, the ancient Chinese Ruyi lock is endowed with modern style, and the implication that everything is going well and dreams come true. Who will refuse?

Van cleopal panda Brooch

Since its birth in 2017, these small animal brooches have been loved by many people.

This year, five new members came to report for duty, adding new vitality to van cleopals little zoo..

Swarovski bamboo accessories set

Wang Yibo is here to plant grass for you!

Swarovski, who is represented by yebo, launched the atelier swarovskiby Susan Rockefeller series this year. Inspired by panda and bamboo, it embodies the fragile side of the natural world and the powerful force that we rely on to survive.


The earrings, necklaces, leather bracelets and cocktail rings are inlaid with Pointiage low-temperature ceramic inlay technology, with rectangular cutting and pear shaped cutting imitated crystal to inlay the bamboo shape, fully showing the beauty of natural vitality. Do you want to buy them without losing money, or do you want to arrange them?



CHAUMET high setting accessories of Chinese Architecture

Chinese elements can not only be seen in the works of Chinese jewelry brands or designers, but also frequently appear in western famous jewelry.

Inspired by the famous Emperor Qianlong in history, he designed a luxurious ring, which combines colorful gems and eaves to show the exquisite craftsmanship of CHAUMET.

Among the first batch of SHANGXIA series of big sun and moon products, there are Shun limited edition shoes, youyou accessories, and Museum clothing. Among them, the logo throughout the series is inspired by the national treasure panda, which is deeply loved by Yi Jie.


Jacquelo Chinese Watch

Jacqueros Chinese style works will never let you down. As the first batch of Swiss watch brands to set foot in China, with outstanding Chronograph technology, jacero will shine those Millennium Chinese symbols on the dial.

Jacqueros Chinese style wristwatch presents the charm of Chinese dragon perfectly. The creation of Chinese dragon is a great challenge for western artists. The master craftsman of yakero presents this auspicious totem on the small needle plate with exquisite gold carving and micro painting techniques.

Athens jade Linglong series

In 2013, Athens watch launched the jade Linglong series, which aims to pay tribute to this gem which connects heaven and earth and is regarded as magic crystal by ancient Chinese royal family.

This year, the yulinglong series has been upgraded. The bottom left of the round pearl oyster is decorated with exquisite diamonds. The time mark of 6, 7 and 8 on the dial is replaced by the number 520, which girl doesnt want to have it?

Rui mouse platinum wristwatch

The new Chinese almanac limited edition Rui mouse platinum wristwatch is equipped with the Bobo 3638 automatic chain up movement, which is far more complicated than the perpetual calendar function.

The unique feature of the Chinese calendar watch is that it is equipped with three spring boxes in series and equipped with high-performance spring. The power storage can be up to 7 days.

latest fashion

Chinese style is no longer the traditional impression of Qipao and Hanfu. The traditional oriental aesthetic elements such as ink splashing and totem pattern have become the hot design elements in designers works.

Zhang Yuhao, an independent designer, integrates Chinese elements into his design, while taking into account the sense of fashion. He uses simple and fluent tailoring to present the pure aesthetics with lingering charm.

In this season, the symbolic elements of the early Republic of China appear frequently.

As well as the oblique Lapel lace up cross overlapping design, unique and out of the question, it is simply beautiful to foul!

Fengchenwang ink elements

Designer Wang FengChen draws inspiration from the landscape of his hometown journey and weaves jacquard fabric with ink and landscape strokes.

Classic denim jacket stitching with black metal buckle for easy on and off.

Shoe bag

Delvaux exclusive handbag with Chinese elements

Delvaux has launched Les Miniatures limited series package since 2017, inspired by the most iconic cultural symbols of various countries.

Inspired by traditional Chinese culture, the series of Chinese dream launched this year has the atmosphere of celebrating the new year with the appearance of mahjong, Qipao and lantern. If you can, who doesnt want to restart the magic 2020 with one button?

Mahjong is the first package hanging out of the circle, some people sneer at it, but Yi Jie thinks it is quite interesting. Playing mahjong is a necessary item during the Spring Festival, which can set off a festive atmosphere. Delvaux presents mahjong cards with red, green and black colors on the white calfskin through silk screen printing process, as well as exquisite gilding edges.

The most eye-catching is the D-shaped clasp above the deal, the implication of winning in hand, has let people can not restrain the impulse to chop hands, arrange!

Cheongsam is the dress that can best show the charm of Oriental women. This dress is based on sapphire blue calfskin, with pink folding fans and gold clasps with peony patterns. It is elegant to every detail with white pearls.

The red lantern looks particularly festive. The translucent material of the lantern is written with the word Fu. There are bright red leather tassels, which means good.

Longchamp bamboo handle bag

Each girl has a Longchamp dumpling in her bag cabinet. It is simple and easy to keep elegant and fashionable. The Roseau series launched in 1993 is also very classic.

This year, we improved and upgraded the old version. The design of the button and handle is more conspicuous than before. It is simple, modern and more recognizable. The silver button is shining, carrying the beautiful meaning of rising in every section. Roseau series also has a variety of sizes and materials to meet your daily needs.

Minimalize is a perfect fit for concave shape, and its more fashionable to match as accessories.

In addition to being carried by hand, Roseau Luxe is equipped with leather shoulder straps to let you free your hands easily.

Roger Vivier launched the funnylove collection, inspired by the brands 1960s classic shoes.

The shallow mouth design is sexy and charming. It can better decorate the leg lines, and combine with interesting embroidery patterns, which makes people fall in love at first sight.

Ballet shoes and kittens heel shoes are elegant and everyday. The colors of red, pink and black are very versatile. They are favored by many young stars. Ouyang Nana, Qi Wei, Yu Shuxin and Guan Xiaotong all pick this series.

Herschelsupply artist co branding series

Whats your impression of Hong Kong?

Lets take a look at Hong Kong described by artist Evan heco. Invited by herschelsupply, he presents Hong Kong Sheung Wans urban buildings and street views in the form of hand-painted patterns on several classic packages of herschelsupply.

Chinese style is becoming more and more fierce, due to the continuous development of Chinas economy, the motherland is more and more prosperous, Chinese fashion began to really affect the world.

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921