Jilin traffic accident caused 18 deaths, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor gave instructions

 Jilin traffic accident caused 18 deaths, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor gave instructions

First, we should recognize the severe situation of work safety in the whole province. Focusing on the problems such as inadequate ideological understanding, incomplete management of hidden dangers, lack of detailed working measures, and failure to implement the responsibilities of all parties, we should take unconventional measures, continue to make unremitting efforts, adjust measures to local conditions, and put in place defense measures. We will spare no effort to implement, ensure safety and keep the bottom line.

Second, we should carry out special rectification actions for traffic and transportation safety. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government appointed Wu Jingping, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and executive vice governor of the province, to lead a working group to Songyuan to learn lessons and draw inferences from one instance to conduct re inspection and re implementation of the work of safety in production in the whole province. Immediately set up 10 inspection teams, go deep into the front line, carry out in-depth inspection and covert visits on the performance of duties of various departments in various regions, and promote the implementation of the work. For illegal driving, illegal carrying of people, mixed loading of people and goods agricultural vehicles, passenger vehicles, buses, large trucks, dangerous goods transport vehicles, tourism vehicles, accurate policy, forming a closed loop. Strictly implement the work responsibility system, strictly control the source approval, market access, employment qualification, dynamic monitoring and work assessment, and resolutely investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal behaviors with the most severe punishment measures to ensure road traffic safety. At the same time, we should firmly grasp the safety of holiday tourism, regular epidemic prevention and control, and risk prevention in key areas such as dangerous chemicals, coal mines and non coal mines, fire control, forest and grassland fire prevention, and never allow major accidents.

Third, we should do our best to treat the wounded and deal with the aftermath. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government have appointed Vice Governor Liu Jinbo to lead a working group composed of the provincial public security department, the provincial emergency management department, and the provincial transportation department to Songyuan to cooperate with the relevant national authorities to scientifically guide the investigation of the causes of the accident and the aftermath treatment. The provincial health commission should mobilize forces to carry out the treatment of the wounded.

Fourth, we should strictly implement the responsibility of safety production. The leading comrades in charge of all localities and departments should take the lead in carrying out the work, consolidate the responsibilities at all levels, and strictly pursue and hold accountable to ensure the implementation of work, measures and responsibilities.

According to the official microblog of the information center of Fuyu Municipal Peoples government, at about 5:40 on October 4, near Shiqiao village, Changchunling Town, Fuyu City, 39 km away from 514 provincial road, a small ordinary truck with a license plate of Ji a1e19w ran into the rear of the agricultural four-wheel tractor in the same direction, and then drove into the opposite lane and collided with the jijmk350 small ordinary truck coming from the opposite direction.

At present, the accident killed 18 people and injured one. Among them, six people were found dead on the spot after preliminary investigation; the drivers cab of the vehicle causing the accident was seriously deformed, and two people were found dead after being disassembled; 10 people were sent to the hospital due to injury and died after rescue; another driver of agricultural four wheel tractor was injured and was under active treatment, with no life danger.

After the accident, the main leaders of Songyuan City and Fuyu city rushed to the scene as soon as possible, comprehensively launched the emergency plan, and the relevant personnel of public security, emergency, health, fire control, transportation and other departments carried out rescue and disposal work quickly. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation, and the aftermath work is carried out in an orderly manner.

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