Another star husband and wife announced their divorce: 4 on the Spring Festival Gala, but they separated after marriage. What happened to them?

 Another star husband and wife announced their divorce: 4 on the Spring Festival Gala, but they separated after marriage. What happened to them?

Love and dream go hand in hand.

Two years ago, when you and I regret turning around, only blessing is always in my heart. High mountains and long rivers, may you cherish them!

Wang Xiaohai then forwarded:

If you and I have loved like this, this life is enough!

Those best things have been placed in the bottom of my heart, cherish each other!

Between words, it is wish and let go.

This divorce declaration also brought out a strong news:

According to Wang Xiaoweis article, two years ago, when you and I regretted turning around, some people speculated that they had been divorced for two years.

If you are careful, you will find that their divorce has long been on the horizon.

Some time ago, it has been reported that Wang Xiaoweis wedding ring is missing. Later, she issued new songs and attended the activities alone. Wang Xiaohai, as her husband, has disappeared.

One time it was most obvious.

They are all together to attend an event, which is very rare in the same frame, and the fans expectation is very high.

But after the performance, they went into the lounge.

At that time, Wang Xiaowei went first and stood at the door laughing.

After Wang Xiaohai came in, Wang Xiaowei turned his head and laughed at him.

In addition to indifference, or indifference.

The series of photos were made public and sparked discussion.

People say: the miracle of September is to make money.

After that, they were no longer on the same stage.

They were so red that they exploded.

Sweet to greasy.


A miracle happened.

A friend of mine formed a bureau and asked Wang Xiaohai and Wang Xiaowei to sing in KTV.

They didnt know each other.

Wang Xiaohai is talented and can imitate the voice of many people. Men, women, cities.

Wang Xiaowei is still a student of music school. He can play the double row key, very SA.

Photo source: microblog @ miracle of September -- Wang Xiaowei

In singing, Wang Xiaohai has been singing continuously, from popular singing to folk songs, in order to express himself.

He sang a song little white poplar, which shocked Wang Xiaowei directly.

Many years later, Wang Xiaowei was asked again and again about his first encounter, and he always sighed: this folk song is very professional.

But Wang Xiaohai will, more than that.

He can also sing female voice.

On the way, a boy and a girl ordered an Aobao meeting, which was a duet between men and women.

However, when it was the turn of the song, the girl went to the bathroom and no one sang the female voice.

Wang Xiaohai a look, performance opportunity again, he picked up the microphone to sing the female voice.

Do not sing do not know, a song scared: too much like!

Wang Xiaowei was shocked again.

This is their first meeting, because of music, but also because of music heating up again.

After this meeting, they did not meet again.

A year later, there was an intersection.

At that time, Wang Xiaowei held a solo concert of double row keys in Shenyang.

Just in time, Wang Xiaohai got a ticket by accident and came.

But in fact, Wang Xiaohai did not know that the performer was Wang Xiaowei.

I dont know. She was one of the KTV singers.

Wang Xiaowei performs.

Wang Xiaohai.

Its amazing. See such Wang Xiaowei, Wang Xiaohai is left to marvel.

The feeling of a symphony orchestra.

At this time, Wang Xiaohai realized that the girl on the stage was a member of KTV.

Time goes round and round, the people who should meet will finally meet.

They got to know each other officially.

But Wang Xiaohai prefers to call herself Lao Hai.

Wang Xiaowei saw Wang Xiaohai and called Haige and Haige constantly.

Wang Xiaohais spring heart rippled and his imagination was full of imagination.

Photo source: Sina entertainment

However, there is an interesting thing to mention.

Wang Xiaohai, Wang Xiaowei, is just a word difference, once known by outsiders as brother and sister.

Even they thought so at first.

Nothing was found.

In this world, fate mostly unfolds like this.

Because they have similar names, they pay more attention to each other.

In 2008, Wang Xiaohai left Shenyang for Beipiao in Beijing.

He has a dream, he wants to be somebody.

In Beijing, Wang Xiaohai always sticks to music.

He also distributed the discs played by Wang Xiaowei to his friends everywhere.

It was his move that completely changed Wang Xiaoweis fate.

It also changed the direction of his life.

These discs, somehow, were transferred to the directors hands.

The director contacted Wang Xiaowei for the program.

Wang Xiaowei hears the cause and effect and goes to Wang Xiaohai.

Two people a discussion, simply group a combination.

Whats the name?

Their names are similar.

I met in September.

The second meeting was in September.

September, there are so many coincidences and miracles.

The miracle of September was born.

The legend of a generation thrives in China.

Love is also sprouting.

The combination name is good, and they are on the Avenue of stars as they wish.

But when the real contact, depth to understand, the two people have ambiguity.

Wang Xiaohai is too straight. He only starts from his works and doesnt know how to take into account the emotions of girls.

Wang Xiaowei needs to be coaxed.

In Wang Xiaoweis words, their quarrel is not a simple pot and bowl, but a landslide.

Photo source: Phoenix Entertainment

Once again, they had different opinions about the work.

After simple communication, it doesnt work at all.

The two men parted.

Wang Xiaowei is a person who cant hide her emotions. As soon as she gets home, she practices piano crazily.

Let out your emotions by playing the piano.

Whats more, the music is very violent.

As a result, when Wang Xiaowei got up again, he couldnt stand up.

She was injured in the waist.

Because the force is too strong.

After the injury, Wang Xiaowei did not say anyone, only stayed at home.

Wang Xiaohai heard from friends that Wang Xiaowei was injured at home. Without saying a word, he threw away what he had in his hands and didnt want to lose face. He went to see Wang Xiaowei.

After seeing Wang Xiaowei, he found that Wang Xiaowei was more serious than he imagined.

I cant walk.

Even if they can walk, they will suddenly kneel down.

So proud of her, crying.

Wang Xiaohai confessed immediately.

Really soft.

It was only five minutes walk from Wang Xiaoweis home to the hospital, and they walked for nearly an hour.

Many people on the road, see their strange walking posture, have to give way.

Its like celebrating their reconciliation.

Wang Xiaoweis waist injury is slightly better, they began to cooperate.

It has to be said that after such a struggle, the two people have a good understanding.

All the way through the border, cut general, level by level promotion.

Their acting style is extremely novel.

The combination of double keyboard playing and a variety of singing forms a unique auditory feast.

In particular, the performance of my sun, Wang Xiaowei playing the piano, Wang Xiaohai singing.

Its affectionate and romantic.

In the middle, there is a dance blessing.

Netizen comments: very amazing!

They won.

In 2008, the Avenue of stars won the annual championship by miracle in September.

They became popular with one shot.

It has fully realized the long cherished wish of overnight popularity.

At that time, he was invited by the Golden Hall of Vienna to sing Oriental red.

From an ordinary singer to a star, and then from a star to an international, the miracle of September took a year.

Just a year.

One year later, the Chinese music industry entered the era of the miracle of September.

They have created one miracle after another.

On the Spring Festival gala for 4 consecutive years.

In 2011, she performed Youth Dance.

Wang Xiaowei plays.

Wang Xiaohai sings.

Chinas beauty in 2012.

Its their cooperation again.

Only each other in my eyes.

Chinese style, 2013.

The song of the two people is loud all over the river and North.

Beautiful China is coming in 2016.

For the first time, they worked with legend of Phoenix.

Its bright and exciting.

This four Spring Festival Gala experience, so that the name of the miracle of September, no one knows.

After that, they appeared in the Lantern Festival.

Every time, its a surprise.

Their songs such as Chinese fan Er, Chinese beauty, beautiful China coming and so on have become the divine songs of a generation.

The melody is smooth.

The rhythm is cool.

Well, no matter where you go, youll hear one or two of these songs from the square dance.

They were furious with fire.

And at the height of their career, they got married.

It was very sudden.

The news broke out not long ago, Wang Xiaohai voluntarily admitted.

He posted his marriage certificate on his microblog and wrote:

Make you happy all your life

Ive only been here for 12 years,

From today on,

I still owe you half of your lifes happiness,

Wang Xiaowei: you are my fairy.

Wang Xiaowei responded: you are my God.

Celestial beings cant fly freely without the protection of heaven.

But the sky, loses the celestial being, certainly loses the color.

Its like a metaphor.

What is revealed in the dark.

They have been in love for 12 years.

That is to say, from the first meeting, they were about together.

Life partner.

Lovers again.

Now they are husband and wife.

Its natural. Its natural.

Too happy to be true.

But on this national day, just after September, they chose to separate.

It is also natural and natural.

Rumor has it that the reason for their separation is that they have different views.

Wang Xiaohai is keen on his works.

Wang Xiaowei pursues change.

In recent years, Wang Xiaoweis development is getting better and better, participating in various activities, and constantly doing charity.

And Wang Xiaohai, in addition to the aura brought by the miracle of September, there is nothing else.

The only star who participated in the program was a star

It just doesnt spark anything.

Unequal growth, different values, let them go further and further.

Until all the love and passion.

In addition, Douban burst out another reason, saying that the reason for their divorce is a special reason..

What it refers to is not detailed.

It can only be said that artists are not suitable for love.

Their divorce was extremely quiet.

There is no tearing force. There was no abuse. There is no possibility of turning around.

It seems that in September, there will be no more miracles.

However, we always think of their love song -- September love song.

It sings over and over again:

Stars shine in the night of September

Dream has set sail, love is paradise

Dream in the distance, heart no longer wandering

Now, the miracle is no longer, the stars are dark, and there is no song in the distance.

The past few years have been like a dream.

Now, the marriage is over, and there is no legend.

But where is there no parting?

For the rest of my life, the mountains are high and the water is long. The nine month miracle only exists in the past.

No more miracles.

September, September, forever.

Author: Chi Geun Wen