Jackie Chan in the vanguard is the best boss in the world!

 Jackie Chan in the vanguard is the best boss in the world!

In the past 40 years, he has passed death countless times, either falling from a high altitude or jumping into a helicopter without protection. All kinds of dangerous movements have been personally launched, leaving scars all over the body.

I really dont know what kind of mentality those people who spray him are. Anyway, I think that an actor can do this, which is unique in the world.

Back to the movie, in fact, Jackie Chan also gave the best example of the workplace in the pioneer.

First of all, his pioneer security company has trained the most dedicated employees. The opening of the film is that Yang Yangs Lei Zhenyu and Allens Zhang Kaixuan meet Qin Guoli, a Chinese businessman, who is being chased and killed on vacation, and help them directly.

The important thing is, they dont have guns.

That is to say, when employees are on leave, without weapons, they step forward to fight the gangsters to save innocent people. It can be seen that they do not regard protecting others as a job, but as a career and a responsibility.

This sense of responsibility is almost absent in todays society and the workplace. The employees who abide by the spirit of the contract, truly regard the company as their own business, and bind the companys future with their own future are really indispensable good employees.

This is also why the pioneer can become an iron plate and will not be broken from the inside, because the companys business has become the belief of employees, who have the right culture and correct values.

After Lei Zhenyu was captured by the terrorist organization, the leader of the terrorist organization pulled him into the gang with high price because of his vigorous skills. And claimed that its not all life to make money. Whats the difference?

Lei Zhenyu: you have learned our language, but not our culture and spirit.

It is really valuable for an enterprise to cultivate such employees.

Second, Jackie Chans Tang huanting seems to be a boss. In fact, he is extremely concerned about employees, whether it is work or life.

As a security organization, vanguard involves life and death, but Zhang Kaixuans family members can enter and leave the company at will, which shows that the company is very friendly to the family members of employees.

Zhang Kaixuan has no wife and his son is still young. His son has known Tang huanting since he was a child, so it seems that the boss pays great attention to the family of his employees.

It happened to be Zhang Kaixuans birthday. Tang huanting even stopped a very important meeting. The whole company went to celebrate Zhang Kaixuans birthday, sang birthday songs and ate cakes together. It was like a big family. It was very warm.

If every company treats its employees like their families, and every boss cherishes their employees like Tang huanting, why should this enterprise not develop well?

The slogan of the vanguard is not to give up any team members, so when Lei Zhenyu was arrested, Tang huanting, as the boss, joined the rescue team and fought together with the team members.

Even if Zhang Kaixuan advised him before leaving, you are old, and you have been doing administrative work. Its good to sit in the rear. However, because of the hijacking of employees, Tang huanting insisted on going to the most dangerous and dying place, which shows that in his mind, the safety of employees is more important than anything else.

Not only that, after the rain forest was injured, they located Lei Zhenyu. On the bus were mu qimiya and two wounded people, as well as Tang huanting.

Tang huanting proposed to rescue Lei Zhenyu on foot, and asked her mother qimiya to return to the base for treatment with two injured players. When an employee is in danger, he ignores his own safety and thinks of others at the first time. He deserves to be the boss of the vanguard.

In addition to these, he also has a high sense of responsibility and mission. He personally receives customers, and employees work overtime when they are on leave. He will certainly do what he promises to customers.

When you say that its about the lives of innocent people, we are the pioneers and we are duty bound. I wonder if you will think that this is the most handsome boss in the world?

I believe that whether in life or work, to meet a boss like Tang huanting is the dream of employees.

I hope all the social animals can find a good boss, and hope all the boss can learn from Tang huanting!