13th five year plan achievement tour u00b7 enjoying picturesque scenery of green water and green mountains on High Speed Rail

 13th five year plan achievement tour u00b7 enjoying picturesque scenery of green water and green mountains on High Speed Rail

The 265 km high-speed railway connects the West Lake at one end and Huangshan Mountain at the other. There are dozens of 5A and 4A scenic spots along the way. On the Fuchun River, the misty water of a river shines on the sunny haze; on the Bank of Xinan River, the wild sky is open, the trees are low, and the river is clear and the moon is close to people..

Passenger: the continuous mountains are dense in the water vapor. When you sit on the high-speed rail, you can enjoy the beauty more.

With green water and green mountains as the foundation, high-speed rail has changed the lives of villagers along the line. Some fishermen become underwater photographers; some fruit farmers set up Star Studios in their own courtyard; others perform fishing and become fishermen models. A new fishing boat singing evening slowly unfolds.

Wang Jianlu, a villager in Zhijiang village, xiaya Town, Jiande City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province: as soon as the high-speed railway was opened, they (tourists) came here. Then we opened the B & B, farmhouse entertainment, and sold local products. When the environment is better, the green waters and mountains are better, and there are more tourists, this will become a golden mountain and a silver mountain.

Green water and green mountains benefit from the continuous ecological management for many years.

CCTV reporter Gao Chan: Im right above Qiandao Lake. The Laker in Qiandao calls this fishing method giant net fishing. Now you can see the underwater picture. You can see a lot of fish coming out of the fishing net. So this giant net not only means that the net is very large, but also has a large mesh. The Thousand Island Lakers are using their own actions to prove that green waters and green mountains are the development concept of gold and silver mountains.

Food and beauty go hand in hand. Thousand Island Lake fish head and native pork have become the characteristics of high-speed rail hot chain packages.

Today, it takes only one and a half hours to get from Hangzhou to Huangshan. The cities along the line join hands with more than 70 major cities in China through Hangzhou Huanghai high-speed rail, and connect with South China, Northwest China and North China.

After the meeting in Huangshan, Hangzhou Huangshan high-speed railway and Hefu high-speed railway sped into Huizhous white walls and tiles. Hefu high-speed railway is 852 kilometers long with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It is a highway through mountainous areas. Mountains and rivers surround the city, but it is difficult to paint white clouds and green mountains. Today, Huizhou villages still have ancient appearance. Tourists can feel ancient culture among bricks and tiles. In Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, the first vertical straddle high-speed railway hub station in China is located among the mountains. Hefu high-speed railway also meets Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway here.

Beauty in poetry, beauty in scenery. In Wuyishan, during the National Day holiday this year, it has received more than 150000 tourists, nearly 80000 of whom came by high-speed rail.

Tourist: we went to Xiamen to take wedding photos. The scenery along the edge is very beautiful. We just compared the five-star red flag with the blue sky and took a picture. Every day, we feel moved to fall in love with our motherland.

The high-speed rail has brought tourists, and also updated the tourism mode, from the original scenic spot tour to the whole area tour, from the single view to the tea tour, Lotus Festival, rice flower Fish Festival and other experience tours. In the city of Nanping where Wuyishan is located, the income of cultural tourism industry will be nearly 100 billion yuan in 2019. At the same time, the local government has also integrated the scattered natural resources into resource packages, attracting foreign investment and centralized development. Villagers will pay dividends according to the situation of their shares, which is also the first pilot project in China.

Wang Jinnan, President of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of ecology and environment, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: what we see is the integration of ecology and economy, ecological industrialization, and ecological industry. The concept of two mountains of general secretary Xi Jinping was vividly practiced.

Xu Fangzhong, general Party branch secretary of Shanqiao village, Liantang Town, Pucheng County, Nanping City, Fujian Province. Happiness is needless to say. I feel like Im getting better and better every year.

The high-speed rail network is also expanding year by year. As the extension and expansion of Hefei Fuzhou Pingtan railway, Fuzhou Pingtan railway has entered the stage of joint commissioning and trial run. It is expected that the high-speed rail network will be ready for operation by the end of November this year.

CCTV reporter Wei Ming: after the opening of the Fuping railway, Pingtan Island will also end the history of no trains. In addition, it is connected to Chinas high-speed railway network through Hefei Fuzhou railway. Therefore, we can believe that there will be more poetic distance in the future, which will be known and discovered by everyone. (CCTV reporter He Ying, Zhang Binde, Quan Yichun, Jingjing)

(editor Wang Hexiang)